seyDesign 2008: New site. New theme. New ideas

June 26, 2008 in Web Design (E)

[] Kitchener, Ontario Canada - Long time 3rd party RapidWeaver theme developer, seyDoggy, has relaunched their RapidWeaver theme store, seyDesign. More than just a new site design, the new seyDesign introduces:

* a brand new theme, wideNas, for RapidWeaver 4.0
* Tuo r4 for RapidWaver 4.0, a greatly improved version of one of their most popular and influential themes
* viEw r3 for RapidWaver 4.0, adds a few minor changes to bring it up to speed
* A new section for open source, free RapidWeaver themes

wideNas RapidWeaver theme:
* tabbed navigation
* wide open design
* full color control
* custom headers

Tuo r4 RapidWeaver theme, what's new:
* javascript top navigation to allow for full color control
* color control on sidebar
* now validates XHTML strict
* more features and options then ever

viEw r3 RapidWeaver theme, what's new:
* added large preview for easy theme browsing
* added keywords for easy theme searching

Open Source themes:
* Themes here are covered under the creative commons license
* Users are encouraged to download, modify and improve these RapidWeaver themes and share them back with seyDesign and the general public

seyDesign is a division of seyDoggy Web and Graphic design and has been in operation developing and distributing cutting edge RapidWeaver themes since 2005. Known for developing the first commercially available theme with split navigation, seyDesign is responsible for continually pushing the limits of RapidWeaver.

We are a small, yet internationally renowned web and graphic design outfit based in Kitchener, Ontario. Having worked with clients across the UK, Los Angeles, New York, Japan. It's safe to say that seyDoggy's work has touched every corner of the globe with an internet connection. We excel in web design, graphic arts, web themes, template design, photography and digital imagery. Through our daughter site,, we design and sell thousands of RapidWeaver theme designs for the global market. We also offer consulting services for other companies looking to enter the web design industry or who don't want to hire full time staff to manage their own internet or intranet web systems.