Breakthrough Friend and Family Tracker iPhone App find-U Launched

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[] Dallas, Texas - ReadMe Publications, Inc has announced the release of find-U 1.0 for iOS. find-U helps locate friends, family members or co-workers in near real time within a few meters. Not only can you map their location, but track where they are with Google Street View and get map and turn directions to meet up with your friend, family or anyone else in the group. A fun, utility and safety application, find-U app is currently available for the iPhone. And very soon for the iPad.

find-U group tracking app will locate all members of a group to within a few meters in near real-time. It runs in the background so it can locate all members of the group all of the time without them doing anything. Most importantly, it offers full control to members within a group to switch off their app at their own convenience, just in case they don't want the group to know their current location.

While the typical GPS systems running will completely drain the battery in about 3 hours, find-U will not since it runs on a novel "find-U Location Engine." find-U only runs on the iPhone 4 and 3GS running OS 4+. And this program uses the iPhone data service.

Some key benefits:
* Find your family (keep your family safe - Parental Control)
* Find your friends (have fun)
* Find your employees (be efficient)

It offers near real time location almost anywhere in the world, once you have joined a group. There's a quick tab to see the street view of a location or the current location member.

The system will detail the location of each member in a worded context like: Michael is Stationary-Dallas. (1 min ago) <near the intersection of Jones Street and St. Paul 87 meters away> [3472 Jones Street, Dallas, TX 75244]

Giving the time, intersection (if available), and address of the member. Once Stationary - tracking will stop until you travel again. If you are traveling, it will also detail context like: Jane is Traveling-Los Angles. (22 secs ago) <near the intersection of Country Club Dr and Metrocrest 11 yards away> {49 mph headed NW} [2009 Country Club Dr, Los Angles CA, 90002]

You can add known locations so that members will recognize the location name. As locations are added, they are available to all members of the group and displayed in a table format for quick access.

A map is displayed showing the location of each member and each location defined. Members are displayed on the map as a photo or a red pin. The map can be displayed in Normal Mode, Satellite Mode, or Hybrid Mode. Map annotation buttons will display the address book information about the member. From this screen you can dial, send sms or email a group member.

"When the iPhone 4 came out with location apps they all had limited ability. I wanted something that would not only show a pin in a map, but tell me what the family member or friend was doing, show what the location looks like in near real-time, and let me know how long they have been there. I wish I had this app when my kids were young teenagers" says Michael Forehand, who has launched find-U.

Impiger Mobile in Richardson, Texas, with over 100 mobile applications to its credit, has tested this app and is also marketing it. "The find-U friend and family locator app has excellent features that users will love," says Jude Ramayya, CEO - Impiger Mobile. Apart from the intelligent framework, the company also possesses a 'repository of components' across all devices and platforms for faster development and smaller production cycles. Location-based services, web and native app interactivity, end-to-end integration with enterprise apps or music and multimedia applications; the company has tremendous experience in all of these.

Based in Dallas, Texas, ReadMe Publications is a privately held company headed by Michael Forehand. Copyright (C) 2011 ReadMe Publications, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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