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[] Chicago, Illinois - ComboApp is a mobile marketing and PR agency focused on helping mobile developers rise above the challenges they face in the mobile marketplace. From the creative process and development to the final release and marketing of applications, developers face a unique set of challenges that need to be addressed. With this in mind, ComboApp has utilized its far reaching community of developers to amass information on these challenges via a survey. With more than 50,000 participating developers, this survey aims to inquire on the most intricate of developer issues and report the detailed results.

To provide the most accurate results from this survey, ComboApp has decided to collaborate with various businesses that deal with different areas of the mobile marketplace. These collaborators include iPhone Life magazine, Telus Mobility, Blackberry and Handango. The broad scope of this survey will aid in addressing the multi-faceted issues that developers face by providing this information straight to decision-makers in the industry. With such a large and ever-changing market environment, direct information is essential for new and revolutionary business practices.

"When we decided to survey our clients we realized that we didn't only need to gather up a large number of responders, we also needed to make sure that our questions were concise and hard hitting enough to know how these studios developed, marketed and released their products. We knew that we couldn't tip toe around issues if we hoped to make our services noticeably better." Julie Guzunova, Marketing Director at ComboApp, explains.

Vadim Chernega, Founder & CEO at ComboApp, goes on to say that, "The biggest problem with getting an app noticed anywhere is taking information on this relatively small-scale product and pushing it to become visible in the same digital media outlets where shoppers normally notice much more mainstream products. We think this survey will help to address this issue in particular and provide possible avenues for a solution."

ComboApp's developer survey promises to be a crucial information source for all major players in the mobile technology market. With its own insights into developer issues in mobile marketing and PR as well as its collaboration with various businesses; this survey will provide very influential results. If you or your business participates in mobile technology, ComboApp would like to hear from you through their survey.

ComboApp is a mobile content publishing and marketing group. From acquiring content to publishing and successful marketing solutions, ComboApp is committed to developing new methods in mobile learning and the delivery of multi-faceted content. We present an innovative publishing process delivering content to today's most prevalent mobile platforms. Copyright (C) 2011 ComboApp. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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