Notebooks for iPhone and iPad now supports Formatted Documents

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[] Salzburg, Austria - Alfons Schmid is pleased to announce that the latest update of Notebooks for iPhone and iPad adds support for formatting documents. The new functionality, strongly requested by users over the past couple of months, is achieved by integrating Markdown, a simple set of formatting rules for plain text which allow an automatic conversion to XHTML. This has important advantages over proprietary formats based on Apple's CoreText technology and matches Notebooks' strategy to provide its users with an open environment.

The formatting process keeps the documents editable and converts them to a standard format, XHTML, which can be reused on any computer without dedicated software. All text document in Notebooks can be easily transformed and may be edited inside or outside of Notebooks. Free tools like MultiMarkdown offer further conversion of these documents to RTF, PDF or even Latex, which allows Notebooks' output to become part of a publishing workflow.

To help novice users feel comfortable with Markdown, Notebooks adds a set of formatting keys to the standard iPhone or iPad keyboard. Advanced users are free to leverage all of Markdown's capabilities right away and can even add HTML tags if they like.

Notebooks is a personal productivity app which integrates note taking, writing, task management and mobile file storage. The contents of Notebooks can be organized in an unlimited hierarchy of folders, and options like file sharing over a wireless network or synchronization with web services like Dropbox provide comfortable means for exchanging documents between Notebooks and a computer. The added support for formatted documents complements Notebooks' already rich functionality and takes it a step further in its mission to be "the one and only notebook you need".

Markdown was invented by John Gruber and has become very popular among web authors. Due to its simplicity and flexibility it has already been adopted by multiple iPhone and iPad apps.

Alfons Schmid holds a degree in Computer Science and has spent the past ten years in sales and consulting in the field of Document Management. Today he works as a freelance consultant for customers throughout Central Europe. He originally started development of Notebooks for iPhone to meet his own requirements. Copyright (C) 2011 Alfons Schmid. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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