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March 26, 2007 in Software (E)

[] Koingo Software is proud to announce the long awaited release of Alarm Clock Pro 8.0! The latest incarnation of our popular alarm and time management system introduces numerous new features and bug fixes (outlined below). Most notably, the ability to automatically take and e-mail security screenshots, Apple Remote support, and a live Chronoindex.

Alarm Clock Pro's features give it a range that can extend to almost every aspect of your life. Have it periodically send security screenshots to an e-mail, randomize the iTunes playlist, remind you of holidays and special occasions, perform system actions, automatically send out birthday cards, text message your daily task list to a cell phone, and so much more! The applications are virtually unlimited.

Alarm Clock Pro 8.0 is a Universal Binary which runs on Mac OS X 10.3/Windows 2000 or later, and comes with a free 15 day feature-rich trial. Licenses, available for only US$19.95, entitle users to register a copy for both the Mac and PC versions of Alarm Clock Pro.

Download for Mac now:

Download for Windows now:


More Information:

* New Feature: Proxy icon added to the media window.
* New Feature: Fade out from current song.
* New Feature: Press any button on the Apple Remote to stop ringing when Alarm Clock Pro is foremost.
* New Feature: Chronoindex no longer displays zero-based time segments such as 0 seconds or 0 hours.
* New Feature: Multiple Chronoindexers automatically updating on a countdown to today, or on a static date with names.
* New Feature: Added TV Shows, Movies, Music and Audiobooks icons to the iTunes playlist window
* New Feature: Podcasts, Library and Party Shuffle now appear at the top of the iTunes list.
* New Feature: Reselects iTunes playlist name on Windows.
* New Feature: Play a random song from a specified playlist.
* New Feature: Now includes additional beep presets.
* New Feature: Change first day of week for Calendar.
* New Feature: Reduce text displayed in the main list (weekdays, every occurrence, etc) & beautify.
* New Feature: Take screenshot & e-mail it.
* New Feature: Added event to automatically quit Alarm Clock Pro upon executing the alarm's events.
* New Feature: Snooze and Dismiss buttons for Media alarms (like iTunes alarms).
* New Feature: SSL option for send an e-mail.
* New Feature: Asks to confirm automatic update checking on first launch.
* New Feature: Disable auto-close for alarm media window option added to the Preferences window.
* New Feature: Set loop count for user-defined length, instead of just 5 options.
* New Feature: Address Book interface methods now use Cocoa instead of Carbon calls.
* New Feature: Preferences window now remembers view settings.
* New Feature: Application now comes foremost for calls from the Alarm menu.
* Enhancement: Redesigned the QuickTime alarm window.
* Modification: Updated copyright to 2007.
* Bug Fix: No longer tries to load preferences and perform a standard initialize if other required loading details failed.
* Bug Fix: Properly removes items from the Snooze Queue by manual user deletion.
* Bug Fix: Now when playing a playlist plays track 1 (Mac).
* Bug Fix: No longer launches ACP within the same minute.
* Bug Fix: Fixed some small issues with the pseudo toolbar on Windows.
* Bug Fix: Icon mask for the Party Shuffle icon in the iTunes playlist window now works.
* Bug Fix: iTunes alarm window no longer shows snooze minutes and improperly resizes.
* Bug Fix: No longer adds the primary ring file twice to the list in the Preferences window.
* Bug Fix: Fix iTunes scripts to work for non-English iTunes versions on the Mac.

Located in Kamloops, British Columbia, Koingo Software has been has been providing digital solutions for businesses and individuals since 1994. Our award-winning software is now installed on thousands of personal computers worldwide - seamlessly integrating with a modern lifestyle.

The name of our business originated in the childhood of Koingo Software founder, Josh Hague. Initially, being a funny word that he used to get laughs, it quickly evolved. After transitioning from a family trademark and password, it became the name for Josh Hague's first endeavors into the digital realm. Birthing Koingo Games in 1994, he started acquiring knowledge about the industry as fast as possible.

By 1999 Koingo Games had transformed into an online business that offered more than simple entertainment titles. Shortly after renaming to Koingo Software, our first flagship applications were then released: Alarm Clock Pro, Password Retriever, and Contact Keeper The demand far exceeded our expectations, and we continue to introduce new quality software titles to this date.


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