Are some parts of your income exempt from taxes? Find out with iTaxable

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[] Dickinson, Texas - House of File, a mobile developer focused on a wide variety of applications, has today announced the release of iTaxable for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This useful app from the developer of iDeductible was created to offer users a single mobile resource to understand how all of their financial gains are viewed in the eyes of the IRS, specifically whether specific situations resulting in financial gains qualify as taxable income or not. The app reviews many common situations in detail and explains to users why they should or should list the money gained from them as taxable income. Created with practicality in mind and structured according to the most up to date IRS tax regulations, iTaxable is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for only $1.99.

This application was developed to ensure that users never neglect to pay, or over-pay, portions of their income taxes again. Following regulations set forth by the most up-to-date U.S. Tax Codes, iTaxable lays out a broad list of income types which are taxable, tax-exempt, or in a fall into taxable grey area. For ease of use this app includes a catalog of over forty specific situations where users may have received income with the tax implication of each situation explained simply and completely. The taxability - or lack thereof - of proceeds from sold properties or jewelry to lawsuit settlements and casino winnings, as well as everything in between are covered. Furthermore, situations where the taxability of certain income depends on the contexts within which it was received, or other extenuating circumstances that may call for income tax exemptions is reviewed in detail as well.

iTaxable is created in line the current years' tax laws and is updated promptly as new laws or regulations are passed and placed into effect, ensuring that it can be effectively used when users prepare their 2010 income taxes or as a reference to plan out their 2011 income taxes ahead of time. iTaxable utilizes an extremely straight forward and simple user interface and the app itself is authored by Michael File, an active tax consultant in business for over thirty years. This income tax guide is meant to give anyone who prepares their own taxes a faithful guide of general tax knowledge that could help them file income tax reports that neither neglect to account for certain taxable income, nor overpay them. If users run into a situation that isn't covered by the app, they are also free to send their questions or comments to the app's author directly from within the app. With iTaxable users can have peace of mind knowing that this year they'll be fully informed tax payers by the time their income taxes are due.

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