Brosix is a Three-Time Winner in The About IM Awards

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[] New York, New York - Brosix again takes home recognition and the top spots for two categories this year in the About IM awards - Best Business IM and Best IM Feature for Brosix Screen Sharing. In the past two years, Brosix has won Best Feature - once for Brosix Screenshot in 2010 and once for Brosix Whiteboard in 2009.

About Guide to Instant Messaging, Brandon De Hoyos, had this to say about Brosix taking home the 2011 award for Best Business IM: "While Brosix faced the likes of some pretty big and well-known business IM clients, their users flocked to the Readers' Choice Awards for one reason: They absolutely support the great product they have found in Brosix Enterprise and Brosix Public." Brosix took home 86% of the vote in this category.

As for the second award, Best Feature for Brosix Screen Sharing, De Hoyos said, "For the third year in a row, readers have chosen Brosix as the IM client with the year's best IM feature. This year, Brosix's screen sharing feature takes top honors as 2011's Best IM feature, an exciting collaboration tool for personal and business use." Brosix Screen Sharing took home 70% of the votes for this category.

Along with winning in 2 categories, Brosix was top finisher in another instant messenger category as well - Best Mac IM. Brosix received 30% of the vote, placed second and surpassed the old player Adium, the Mac native IM client iChat and the giant Yahoo Messenger. Brosix continues to live up to its award-winning expectations and strives to make its products innovate and easy to use.

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