App Scanner Rejected from Mac App Store - Free to iOS Developers

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[] Bloomington, Illinois - Chimp Studios today is pleased to announce that their popular iOS developer tool, App Scanner is now free. App Scanner is a utility that mimics Apple's automated review process and picks through an apps internal structure to see if a developer has intentionally or not used a private API, an offense that warrants an immediate rejection.

Chimp Studios originally intended to deploy App Scanner onto the Mac App Store, however Apple denied it due to legal concerns. "It is a bit disappointing that in the 3 years that the iOS SDK has been available to third party developers, Apple hasn't provided any kind of pre-check tool", stated developer Andrew Schenk. Apple recently released Xcode 4 on March 9 to the general public on the Mac App Store for $4.99 with registered developers receiving a free update. Despite a complete redesign of Xcode it did not feature a private API scanner.

According to Schenk, "in the world of mobile apps, timing is everything". The current App Store review status as reported by Apple is that 75% of new apps are reviewed within seven days. A rejection for any reason will send a developer to the back of the line which may be enough to let a competitor sneak past.

The latest version of App Scanner adds on a command line interface that developers can use to more tightly integrate scanning into their build process as well as a simplified form for improving scan results.

* Drag 'n Drop Simplicity
* Lists Classes that Contain Private APIs
* Community Driven Feedback Reduces False Positives
* Read Review Guidelines While Apps are Scanned
* Set Filter Rates to Weed Out Improbable Matches
* Command Line Interface for Easy Build Script Inclusion
* Easy to Read Documentation
* Free

Minimum System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.6 or later
* Intel Processor

Pricing and Availability:
App Scanner 1.4.2 is Free to use for an unlimited time. It can be downloaded directly from Chimp Studios website. App Scanner originally debuted in October as a $2.99 shareware app.

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