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[] Vestal, New York - RafSoftware today is pleased to announce Remoter VNC 2.0 for iOS, their productivity app that enables users to connect to any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer and control it from their iOS device. Featuring the platform-independent VNC, Virtual Network Computing, protocol for screen sharing, the app is easy to configure and use. WiFi and 3G connectivity are built in, and Telnet and/or SSH support are available as an in-app purchase. Also featured are a convenient virtual trackpad, 18 user-configurable settings to customize particular functions within the GUI, and information buttons and instruction screens throughout the app.

Screen sharing, establishing full remote control of a computer desktop, may sound like a simple task. Seeing one's OS X desktop reproduced exactly on an iPad, and then opening Mac applications and folders with swipes and taps instead of mouse clicks, feels simple and natural. But beneath the one-touch iconographic GUI is a complex tangle of advanced protocols and routines that make the magic work. Remoter VNC implements the industry-standard Virtual Network Computing protocol to create, establish, and maintain a simple control link between any iOS device and any PC. Gaining control of a desktop and running that computer remotely is so effortless, the user is almost oblivious to Remoter VNC in between; and that is the app's greatest virtue.

The app can be seen as performing two separate, complementary functions: connection and control. On the connection side are all the one-time settings necessary to successfully achieve a link between the iOS device, or viewer, and the computer, or server. On the control side are all the user-configurable settings that determine how the desktop will be displayed on the viewer, and how the virtual trackpad will convert touch, tap, and swipe gestures into mouse clicks, double clicks, and drags. At every step of the set-up and learning process, there are pop-up screens and information buttons that offer all the right suggestions at just the right time. Especially appreciated are the help screens that appear only the first time the user accesses a function or screen.

From the perspective of connection, touching the Sessions button in the upper left allows the user to re-establish a connection made previously, or look for another computer with which to link. The Discovery List automatically displays both Bonjour and NetBIOS detectable computers on a WiFi network, and in most cases connection can be made with one touch. The Discovery List grabs the Hostname, IP Address, Port, and MAC (Media Access Control) Address, making tedious alphanumeric text entry unnecessary. For those requiring Manual Setup, the app offers four options: VNC (Straight VNC Remote Desktop), SSH (Secure Shell Connection), VNC over SSH (Secure VNC across an SSH tunnel), and Telnet (terminal connection). SSH and/or Telnet connectivity require an in-app purchase.

Session selection is done from the main screen, via a swipe interface. The Session List screen (prompted by the Sessions button) is intended for users with many connections (like IT professionals), and is the one way to delete existing sessions. Also, from the main screen, via the swipe interface, the user can not only start a connection, but also select to edit the connection settings, or to send a wake signal (via the Wake-On-LAN protocol) to the selected computer. By using the VNC over SSH option, the VNC session is securely encrypted and tunneled through a single TCP port. In addition, the SSH option allows users to create arbitrary TCP tunnels, which can run in the background and be used by any iOS app.

From the point of view of control, touching the Configuration button in the upper mid-left opens a scrollable list of four categories of user-selectable options: Keyboard Settings, Trackpad Settings, Visual Settings, and Other Settings. Keyboard Settings include optional use of an External Keyboard, Audible Feedback, and Direct Input vs. Foreign Language Mapping. Trackpad Settings include the choice of a Normal, Plain, or Whole Screen trackpad, an Edge Scroll Speed slider, and a Mouse Pointer Acceleration slider. Visual Settings includes various options for Full Screen use, Buttons, Feedback, and Sleep. Other Settings includes various options for Connection "Heartbeat," Cursor, and Tips. Finally, the viewer screen includes the following control buttons: Zoom, Full Screen, Drag, Mouse Wheel, Right Click, Double Click, Virtual Trackpad, and Keyboard.

Feature Highlights:
* Fast VNC (Virtual Network Computing) protocol 3.8 supported
* Universal Binary - native support for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Support for latest 4.3 firmware (older firmware supported as well, from 3.1.2)
* Beautiful Session Selection interface
* International keyboard support for servers that do not support direct input mode: German, Russian, French, and Spanish Keyboard mappings
* Virtual TrackPad allows for precise and intuitive control - three TrackPad modes
* Most OSs running a VNC server are supported: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
* UltraVNC MS Login Authentication, Server-Side Scaling, and Multiple Monitor support
* Wake-on-LAN support
* Bonjour and NetBIOS computer discovery
* Supports both Landscape and Portrait orientations
* Support for SSH and Telnet, VNC over SSH, and arbitrary SSH port tunnels via In-App purchases
* Pinch to zoom in and out; or press the Zoom button to go from Fit Height, Fit Width, and 1:1
* Special Keys: Esc, Tab, Alt, Up, Down, Right, Left, PageUp, PageDown, F1, F12, Control-Alt-Delete, etc.
* Quality control configurable per session
* Support for 8bpp, 16bpp and 32bpp color depths

"Now you can screen share with your Mac or PC when you're home using your iPad, or control your office Windows machine on the road using your iPhone or iPad" stated RafSoftware owner and developer Raf Cabezas. "Remoter VNC makes it convenient and simple to turn your iOS mobile device into a virtual desktop computer."

New in Version 2.0:
* Discovery List - easier setup by combining both Bonjour and NetBIOS to detect computers on the WiFi network
* Discovery List automatically grabs Hostname, IP Address, Port, and MAC Address
* Most screens now include information buttons that display help regarding each field
* Tips containing useful information are presented when entering screens for the first time
* SSH and Telnet based on PuTTY, with full color support, mouse clicking support, and fast text rendering with International character support
* SSH and Telnet configurable option to follow the cursor when the screen is zoomed in
* Up to 5 SSH arbitrary secure tunnels can be defined and run in the background for up to 10 minutes
* Error message reporting has been greatly enhanced
* Enhanced keyboard hiding during external keyboard discovery
* Transparent toolbars (configurable) and semi-transparent keyboard
* Feedback - audible clicks on tap, and on special button presses
* Trackpad now has an acceleration setting in the Config screen
* Support for Server-Side scaling (UltraVNC)
* Support for Multiple monitors (UltraVNC)
* Improved memory management - most screens no longer pre-loaded
* In-app manual and set-up instructions

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* iOS 3.1.2 or later (iOS 4 tested)
* Universal Binary
* 3.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Remoter VNC 2.0 is now at the special price of $0.99 (USD) with free lifetime upgrades, and is available worldwide through the App Store in the Productivity category. In-app purchases are available that enhance the functionality of Remoter VNC. The SSH add-on is $0.99 and adds Secure Shell connections, and arbitrary TCP tunnels. The Telnet add-on is $1.99 and adds Telnet server connectivity. The Remoter Complete add-on is $3.99 and includes both SSH and Telnet add-ons, plus free lifetime upgrades for all new and revised add-ons. Review copies are available upon request.

Located in Vestal, New York, RafSoftware was founded by Raf Cabezas in May, 2010. The company seeks to produce high quality software while maintaining a very low price point. Copyright (C) 2011 Raf Cabezas. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. VNC is a registered trademark of RealVNC Ltd.


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