Aria Touch brings FogBugz and Mentat Task Management to the iPhone

July 10, 2008 in Productivity (E)

[] Seattle, WA - Coinciding with the opening of Apple's App Store for iPhone applications, Black Pixel Luminance is proud to announce Aria Touch to the public. Aria Touch turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a standalone task management system.

Aria Touch can sync with accounts on the free Mentat social task management webservice, import tasks from FogBugz 6.0 for enterprise level bug tracking, create local projects just on your iPhone, or mix and match for great collaboration opportunities. "The goal is holistic life management, made simple and portable," explains Black Pixel Luminance CEO, Daniel Pasco.

Aria Touch provides a simple, to-do list oriented interface up front, so you can easily handle task checklists using the iPhone's sweep and delete gesture. Under the hood, Aria also provides a very powerful team task management application letting you share projects across multiple management applications, add comments, reassign tasks and receive up to date notification of new assignments or status changes.

Navigation options in Aria Touch are myriad, and include a personal Agenda view that serves as a sort of task inbox, with new and recurring tasks showing up among items you've included as things you need to work on that day. Tasks in the Agenda can be rearranged via drag and drop, and will also sync with any Agenda tasks in your Mentat account if you happen to have one.

You can choose a project view to see an inclusive list of local, Mentat, and FogBugz projects and drill down into individual tasks that way. The project view shows notification icons for any new tasks, and highlights your agenda items so it's easy to see what you are already working on. Support for even more project management applications, including Trac or Basecamp is planned for future releases.

Aria Touch also supports the popular GTD contexts method as an option for categorizing any tasks assigned to you. You can add a personal context like email, work, or home to any of your tasks, then browse using the context view to see only tasks in that context and keep focussed. If you're having trouble finding a task, there's also a project wide search that lets you type terms to isolate the task (or tasks) you're looking for.

"Aria Touch is definitely the best portable task management system we've seen so far, and we're very excited to introduce it among the first available iPhone apps," says software engineer Erik Fleuter. Black Pixel Luminance is also releasing a Fit for the iPhone this week, and promises there is more to come.

Aria Touch Features:
* Review, update, or assign tasks wherever you go. Sync with projects from FogBugz or Mentat or work in offline mode with access to your FogBugz and/or Mentat data.

* Browse tasks by project, GTD contexts, a day-at-a-glance agenda, or our built-in, project-wide search view.

* Projects, tasks and contexts can be created and maintained all from your iPhone.

* Team play for your tasks, letting you pass things back & forth and update status or comments from anywhere.

* Offline access to all of your data. This means you can add or update tasks when you're on a flight or out of coverage. Aria will sync your services once you have it back online.

* Touch screen features like delete gestures and drag & drop editing for quick task management on the go.

Minimum Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod touch

Black Pixel Luminance is a software development group focused exclusively on iPhone and Mac software development. The group was founded in February 2008, and has created Agent Craig , the Aria collaborative task management application, as well as Aria Touch and Fit for the iPhone.


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