Press Release Magnetism Studios announces four iPhone Apps Jul 11, 2008 in Utilities Magnetism Studios announces four apps for the iPhone App Store, including FileMagnet, a file copying and viewing utility, CityTransit, a guide to the New York City Subway, TileSudoku, a touchscreen version of the classic game, and Mr. Shuffle, the interactive face making toy. All applications are available for sale immediately. [] New York City - Magnetism Studios today announced four new applications for Apple's iPhone. They include FileMagnet, which enables users to easily copy and view desktop files and documents on the iPhone and iPod touch. It views Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images, movies, songs and more, while allowing the user to navigate and zoom with the touch of a finger. Users copy files to the phone from their Mac using a special application called FileMagnet Uploader. Instead of connecting via cables, it uses Apple's Bonjour networking technology to enable document transfer via the iPhone's WiFi connection. FileMagnet is on sale for $5 USD, available on the iPhone App Store today. "FileMagnet is a useful tool for iPhone users on the go," said Joshua Keay, Magnetism's President. "Whether you need to take a word processing file with you, get some reading in on the airplane or quickly take a folder of project files, it helps make the iPhone an even more powerful device for users." Magnetism will be launching four iPhone applications this week, ranging from productivity to reference and entertainment. Also offered is CityTransit, a comprehensive guide to the New York City subway and other mass transit systems. The initial version of CityTransit is focused on New York City, offering official maps licensed from the city's Metropolitan Transit Agency. In addition to zoomable, scrollable maps, live service advisories are be integrated in the application, along with a GPS-based station finder to allow users to quickly find their way to the nearest station. Guides to other cities are in development and will be offered as free upgrades to the product. CityTransit will cost $3 USD in the iPhone App store. In the entertainment category, Magnetism is proud to offer TileSudoku, which presents the popular game with an innovative interface designed specifically for touchscreens. TileSudoku enhances the gameplay experience further by offering rich rendered graphics, animations and stereo sound effects. Magnetism has also designed tools to speed up gameplay by providing in-line hints about tile placement and feedback on successfully completed boards. TileSudoku will cost $5 USD on the App Store. Mr. Shuffle is the second entertainment tile Magnetism is offering for the iPhone. Mr. Shuffle is an interactive face making toy that lets users arrange cartoon eyes, noses and mouths into funny faces. Using the iPhone's built-in camera, users can take pictures of friends and enhance them with strange noses, giant glasses, and funny captions. It offers over 50 built-in facial features, and allows the users to save multiple pages of faces for editing later or to save the images to the Photo Roll on the device. Mr. Shuffle will cost $3 USD in the App Store. Magnetism Studios, based in New York City, is a product design studio committed to bringing together the worlds of technology, design and entertainment. With a full product line ranging from software and online greetings to t-shirts, all their products feature a clean yet playful aesthetic. Magnetism's software products are all grounded on research and strong human-factors which, combined with rich user interfaces, create exciting and fun experiences for its customers. Since 2005, Magnetism has been developing for Apple's Macintosh Dashboard platform, and in 2008, Magnetism has expanded its offering to create a new line of applications for Apple's new iPhone platform. The full line of Magnetism products can be viewed online. ### Joshua Keay President 617-335-8042