Arten Science and Bits Du Jour offer 3 Products: 59% Discount - 24 Hours

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[] Derbyshire, United Kingdom - This month Arten Science will be working with the popular software site Bits Du Jour to help them celebrate their recent expansion into promoting Mac software and Cross Platform Software as well as the Windows software they are already well known for promoting.

Three of our best selling products will be available on sale via Bits Du Jour for 24 hours only. There is no catch these are the full, supported, products.

On the 2nd April our award winning security product R10Cipher will be available with a 59% discount making it only $6.18 per license.

On the 12th April R10Clean - Data Cleaning and Manipulation - normally 50, will also be available with a 59% discount.

On the 17th April R10BatchMail - Email Marketing and Bulk Email Sending - will be available with a 59% discount as well.

If you have any friends or family members or colleagues who might be interested in any of these superb products, please let them know about this sale. We can't afford to offer this kind of discount often, and it will only be available on Bits du Jour for a single day only. If you visit Bits Du Jour right now you can click the 'Notify Me' button and you'll be sure not to miss these great deals.

R10Cipher: Award Winning Encryption Software
* Privacy and Security. The Complete Encryption Solution.
* Encrypt Files, Documents and Email
* Send Encrypted Email, for example Staff Reviews
* Centralised Key Management Facility
* Transfer and Store Private and Personal Documents
* Use for Backup, Encrypt Your Zip Files with R10Cipher or cuteCipher
* Secure Peer to Peer, End to End Encryption
* Move data with your USB Drive, no problems if misplaced
* Store information and files safely on your Laptop
* Store Patients Records and Health Data
* Archive Research Documents

... R10Cipher is an excellent piece of software because of it's unique encryption method, blowfish with a twist, and the fact it's cross platform. Short messages can be deciphered by everyone and anyone (with the shared secret) so if you want a quick way to send sensitive data and don't want to spend hours explaining how to use pgp to a customer, friend, or colleague you just have to send them a link to your software. - Jeremy G

... I have a thing for encryption programs and most sadly seem to be snake oil and try and hype on the fear factor. I was impressed that you have chosen not to go the way of the "Military Level Encryption" or "Not Even the CIA Can Break" road and simply give examples of what your product can do. Which is why after a quick play with your product, reading all the documentation and the ever important look on google for any negative things, I have purchased a couple of licences and may get more before the end of the Zot. Good work. - Kevin

' ... Recommended' - MacFormat Issue 207
' ... Recommended' - MacFormat Issue 22
' ... Still with a clean and simple interface. Reading the manual is fortunately not needed.'
' ... Love what you've done with R10 Cipher'
' ... Steve, We've been conversing, Great responses btw, really set the tone on my deciding to purchase'

R10BatchMail: Bulk Email. Done Right.
A simple to use but powerful Bulk Email Sending program for Macintosh and Windows. The Latest Operating Systems, Snow Leopard and Windows 7 are Fully Supported.

R10BatchMail is useful for sending a newsletter, informing a change of address, marketing new products and services or quite simply any other reason you need to contact your prospects, suppliers and customers. You can personalise the email with the recipients name and even include attachments.

...R10BatchMail is brilliant - easy to use, intuitive and very useful - you can make targetted email campaigns with ease in whatever html editor you find easiest - it's a MUST for all web designers who want to add extra marketing thrust to their portfolio of products. I can't wait to see how the product develops in the future. - Mitch Stone IDM Design

'Thanks x1000! Super support, you saved my day and quite a lot of money :) Patrick Berg, Sweden

R10Clean: Clean. Sorted. Accurate
A powerful tool for working with, manipulating, restoring and cleaning large amounts of data.
For anyone frustrated with Excel who needs to clean, fix, de-duplicate or generally manipulate structured or unstructured data.

If you are working with databases then unless you are a programmer it is usually far easier to extract the data and work with it in the familiar columns / row format when the data needs to be checked and / or cleaned.

If working in Marketing and buying in lists for mail-merge purposes, R10Clean gives you the facilities you need to make the data clean and consistent, before you put it into your database.

An IT Systems Integrator may be responsible for transferring data from a legacy system to a newer more modern solution. R10Clean will be invaluable for tidying up those export files.

Data Controllers, Report Writers, IT Departments, DBA's - anyone who has to deal with data on a regular basis.

... R10Clean goes from strength to strength.'
'... Thanks for developing this really useful software.'
'... If you are engaged in audit or preliminary research of medical, biological, psychological, social, nursing or paramedical data, especially with yes, no, may-be type responses (and other types of nominal data), do yourself a favour and try this software'
'... Before your tear your hair out on Excel, SPSS and the like, you may find that the analysis is much easier after using R10Clean'
'... The developer is very resonsive to user feedback.'
'... The recent addition of count occurences can eliminate at one stroke the need to struggle with VCount and CountIF (or similar) in Excel or to have to do this manually.'
'... Sweet!'
'... works like a champ. Check with the folks at Kagi. I've order a copy.'
' ... looks like a great product, lovely interface'
'... It is simple but very powerful.'
' ... This simple but very useful utility is a sanity saver for those who have to tidy up the data before analysis, as in small medical audits and for research in psychology, sociology and bio sciences.
' ... The developer is responsive to user feedback. Several of the options in DataClean [R10Clean] should be bundled with Excel but are not.
' ... Highly recommeded for Bio and Social sciences researchers

Since 2007 Arten Science has been providing software solutions on Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. Our focus and expertise is Productivity, Security and CRM. In addition to creating new solutions for our customers, all of our commercial products can also be tailored, modified and enhanced to suit specific requirements. Copyright (C) 2007-2011 Arten Science. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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