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Open Door Networks and Project A announce iEnvision for the App Store

Ashland, OREGON    Jul 16, 2008 in News


Web-based comics, manga, art, news and more for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch. Taking advantage of the iPhone's built-in Internet access and high-resolution multi-touch display, iEnvision organizes Web-based images into tap-and-play full-screen automated slideshows.


[] Ashland, OR - Open Door Networks, Inc. and Project A, Inc. announced today that they have collaborated to ship iEnvision through Apple's just-opened App Store. One of the first third-party native iPhone applications, iEnvision turns the iPhone and related iPod touch into an amazing comic strip reader, manga viewer, art gallery, space museum and more.

Taking advantage of the iPhone's built-in Internet access and high-resolution multi-touch display, iEnvision organizes Web-based images into tap-and-play full-screen automated slideshows, or "Web shows." iEnvision ships with a number of Web show "groups" built in, including comic strips, manga (translated Japanese comics), classic art, space photos, children's books, newspaper front pages and up-to-the-minute news images. Users can also add groups and shows of their own favorite categories.

"iEnvision is a great match for the iPhone," said Alan Oppenheimer, president and founder of Open Door Networks. "Not only does it fully utilize the iPhone's high-speed Internet access and amazing display, but it provides on-the-go iPhone users with the ability to quickly take in a few comics or catch up on the latest news as they're commuting from one place to another, between classes or meetings, or just hanging out. The Web provides an endless supply of images, and the iPhone provides the ability to access and display those images while on the go. iEnvision completes the picture, so to speak." "I remember the excitement and pride in reselling my first commercial application for the Apple II and again for the Macintosh.", said Jim Teece, President and founder of Project A. "Partnering with Open Door has allowed us to develop something that you won't find on any other mobile platform and to launch it the first day the App Store is online. It's great to feel that pride and awe again."

iEnvision is based on, and leverages Open Door's Envision software for the Macintosh. Envision users can easily create fine-tuned Web shows and publish them for access by iEnvision, for instance through the iPhone's new MobileMe service. Features of iEnvision include:

* Concise groupings of related subjects, with hundreds of different items in many of the groups
* Access to thousands of current and past comic strips and manga
* Numerous slide show options, including automatic or manual mode, multiple transitions, variable time between images, etc.
* Ability to view any image in its full Web context, for details about the image
* Ability to add and update groups from the iEnvision Web site
* Easy user creation of their own shows and groups
* Intelligent bandwidth management to speed image download and conserve cellular bandwidth and battery life
* Integration with Open Door's Macintosh Envision software for fine-tuned show creation and publishing
* Integration with the iPhone's new MobileMe service

iEnvision is available immediately worldwide through the App Store, and downloads directly into the iPhone or iPod touch. The special introductory price for iEnvision is $9.99 USD, valid through August. Details of iEnvision are available.


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We-Envision is an innovative collaboration of two separate software companies (Open Door Networks and Project A). The mission of We-Envision is the design, development and deployment of the best independent software solutions for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. Open Door Networks, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Alan Oppenheimer, co-creator of AppleTalk, the original network system for the Macintosh. Open Door is a leading provider of Internet solutions for Apple products. Project A, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Jim Teece and is a leading developer of 100% database-driven websites deployed for clients world-wide. Both companies are located in Ashland, Oregon.


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