FM::Nexus Demonstrates New Web Services Solutions At FileMaker DevCon

July 14, 2008 in FileMaker (E)

[] Phoenix, Arizona - FM::Nexus, the company committed to helping FileMaker(R) developers build better solutions, today began demonstrating at the FileMaker Developer Conference how to make FileMaker Pro databases interact with hundreds of Internet-based Web Services. Working with the FM::Nexus Web Services Plug-In, FileMaker database developers can use standards-based WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) files from a range of vendors including CDYNE, Xignite, and ServiceObjects, plus major online service providers like Google, Amazon, eBay, UPS, FedEx and many others.

"As Web Services really take off in 2008, it opens up a new world of solutions for FileMaker developers," said Vincenzo Menanno, president of FM::Nexus. "It is especially easy now that so many companies are starting to expose services through WSDL files. We've made it so you can either just drag and drop these files into a folder, or load functions across a network directly through a field. There's no messing with writing code for PHP or XML. When Web Services functions appear in your database it is like magic."

At the FileMaker Developer Conference, the biggest annual event for the worldwide community of FileMaker developers, the FM::Nexus Web Services Plug-In will be highlighted in several different ways:

FileMaker Developer Showcase:
FM::Nexus and their partner Beezwax Datatools will highlight FileMaker solutions in a booth at the conference Developer Showcase exhibits. FM::Nexus will be demonstrating specific examples of Web Services, including: U.S. Census demographics, FedEx shipping, movie schedule lookup, Do Not Call list verification, stock quotes, financial information, mapping, geographic codes, real estate data, and more.

CDYNE Corporation Presents PhoneNotify! and SMSNotify!:
CDYNE Corporation, which offers a range of Web Services solutions for data enhancement and communication, will be presenting in the FM::Nexus booth at the FileMaker Conference Developer Showcase. CDYNE will demonstrate PhoneNotify!, SMSNotify!, CDYNE Email Verification and other Web Services working directly with FileMaker Pro databases through the FM::Nexus Web Services Plug-In. CDYNE's Web Services perform tasks like automatic outbound voice phone calls, bulk SMS text messages, and multiple types of data verification.

New Book On FileMaker Plug-Ins:
Ten examples using the FM::Nexus Web Services Plug-In will be featured in the new "FileMaker: Cooking With Plug-ins" book published by Comm-unity Networking Systems. This book is scheduled to be available for the first time to FileMaker developers at the conference.

FileMaker's "Tell Us Your Story" Podcast:
FileMaker Inc. has chosen FM::Nexus to be part of their "Tell Us Your Story" podcast. FileMaker is interviewing several top developers, including FM::Nexus president Vincenzo Menanno, as part of the conference Developer Showcase.

Conference Technical Presentation:
Jesse Barnum of 360 Consulting will highlight the FM::Nexus Web Services Plug-in during his technical presentation on "Using Web Services with FileMaker Pro" on Wednesday, July 16th.

About FM::Nexus Web Services Plug-In:
The FM::Nexus Web Services Plug-In empowers FileMaker developers to easily add hundreds of new functions to FileMaker solutions for instant database interaction with Web Services. The Web Services plug-in reads WSDL (Web Services Description Language) files and exposes the functions available, allowing the developer to easily integrate these functions directly into their solutions.

Adding a Web Service is as easy as dropping a new WSDL file into the FileMaker Extensions folder, or loading the file information into a field which can be dynamically be loaded across a network (such as through FileMaker Server). By adding the WSDL file information, the plug-in makes the functions included in that file available as FileMaker calculation functions. Thousands of WSDL files or Web Services files are available from companies like CDYNE, Xignite, Service Objects, StrikeIron, and XMethods. Major vendors on the Internet, including Google, FedEx, eBAy, UPS, and Amazon, also offer access to their web services through WSDL files.

Pricing, Availability and Compatibility:
The FM::Nexus Web Services Plug-In is available immediately through the FM::Nexus marketing partner, beezwax datatools, priced at $89 USD for a single-user license. Special pricing is available for a limited time in conjunction with the FileMaker Developer Conference.

Developer licenses and Site licenses, or education and non-profit discounts are available only by calling beezwax datatools at 1-888-835-4483.

The FM::Nexus Web Services Plug-In runs on Mac OS X and Windows, and requires FileMaker Pro 8 or higher. For additional product detail, visit their website.

FM::Nexus is committed to helping FileMaker developers build better solutions, and enabling businesses and organizations to stay focused on what they do best. FM::Nexus, headquartered in Oakland, CA, develops a line of software products including Dragon Web Surveys, Inspector, Account Manager, and Web Services Plug-In for FileMaker Pro. FM::Nexus is a FileMaker Business Alliance member. Additional information can be found at their website. In addition to designing custom desktop and website solutions using FileMaker and other technologies, beezwax datatools Inc. offers sales and support for the FM::Nexus line of products. Further information can be found at their website. FM::Nexus, and are trademarks of FM::Nexus. FileMaker is a registered trademark of FileMaker, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. All other brands and products referenced herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.


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