360Works Launches SuperContainer 2.0 at DevCon 2008

July 14, 2008 in FileMaker (E)

[prMac.com] Atlanta, GA - 360Works, a leading FileMaker product developer, will launch a new version of its signature SuperContainer tool at the 2008 FileMaker Developers Conference in Phoenix, AZ this week. Industry respected since its original release in 2006, SuperContainer is an essential tool for managing documents and images in FileMaker Pro, functioning equally well on the web or FileMaker Pro.

SuperContainer 2.0 incorporates feature requests from the FileMaker community, which widely adopted the original SuperContainer release, making it one of the firm's best selling products.

FileMaker developer One Part Harmony, serving small to mid-sized businesses dealing with ecological and/or integrative health issues, has been using SuperContainer for its clients' development projects for two years.

"SuperContainer really is the missing link for FileMaker," said One Part Harmony founder and principal developer Morgan Jones. "Version 1 made it possible to do things with FileMaker that I could not have done without it. Version 2 demonstrates that the folks at 360Works listened to FileMaker developers and have moved the product another giant step forward."

"We are finding that our clients are comfortable handling many types of information in electronic form," Jones explained, "including all manner of office documents such as PDFs, photos, videos, and audio files. Before SuperContainer, importing these files into a FileMaker database took lots of work and still left us with a klunky interface. SuperContainer makes it a snap to store and retrieve files of all types while greatly simplifying the user interface. Now even my smallest clients can afford to include sophisticated document storage as a basic component of the databases I build for them. In short, SuperContainer makes it easy for me to create media-rich applications that work the way the users work, and this makes me a hero to my customers."

SuperContainer 2.0 key features include:

Drag and drop for uploads and downloads - drag a file, folder, or multiple items from the operating system into SuperContainer to upload. Like most other features in SuperContainer, this works equally well in a FileMaker Pro Web Viewer or Instant Web Publishing.

Progress bars on upload - the most frequently requested feature from developers using SuperContainer. Users now receive instant feedback that their files are being uploaded to SuperContainer with the new upload progress bar.

Upload and download entire folders - a high demand feature allowing the upload of an entire directory into SuperContainer, associated with a single record in FileMaker Pro. SuperContainer automatically uses zip compression to speed the upload and save space on the server, then automatically unzips it after downloading.

Support for OS X bundles like Pages documents - with the directory upload/download feature, it is now possible to store OS X bundles created in Pages and Numbers with their native OS X icons.

PHP API - advanced developers can now interface directly with the SuperContainer engine from PHP. This goes beyond simple IFRAME integration to actually allow PHP code to directly read, write, and query the contents of SuperContainer.

A new installer package makes deployment even easier - new installation package will automatically set up SuperContainer with FileMaker Server Advanced and Apache/IIS on port 80 - eliminating custom setups for dealing with firewalls and SSL setup.

Pricing and Availability:
SuperContainer 2.0 will keep the same pricing structure as the original release: $695 USD for Enterprise licenses and $195 USD for Workgroup licenses. Upgrade pricing is available, and upgrades are free for all purchases within the last 30 days.

Atlanta-based 360Works, a FileMaker Platinum Business Alliance member, has been providing FileMaker-based solutions for more than a decade. The company is a leading developer of both shrink-wrapped and custom FileMaker database design solutions for clients such as NASA, Bernard Hodes Group, US Marines, Make-A-Wish foundation and others. The company is credited for its forward-thinking solutions, dedication and unparalleled client service. For more information about 360Works, visit their website or (770) 234-9293.


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