Mac-Based Photoshop Photography Tutorial Reveals Professional Techniques

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[] Toronto, Ontario - A new video training course offers Mac users a complete guide to working with photographs in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Training company Infinite Skills Inc has produced the Photographers Photoshop CS5 Tutorial Video, a 10.5 hour course which is now available on DVD-ROM and as a direct download from the company website.

"Macs have always been known for their multimedia capabilities, and we want to show users just what their computers can really do," said Chris Johns, Content Development manager for Infinite Skills. "With this tutorial, we're helping people learn one of the most powerful design tools available and sharing the techniques used by professional photographers day in and day out."

The new Adobe Photoshop course includes lessons on skills such as color correction, how to remove unwanted objects from images, dodging and burning, camera RAW, photo restoration, HDR effects, how to create panoramas, whitening teeth, image sharpening and even tips on creating better shots with a digital camera. While the videos feature Adobe Photoshop CS5, the lessons also explain how the same results can be achieved in older versions. There are 138 tutorials in total, and the videos include sample Photoshop files that viewers can utilize while they follow along with the training.

In addition to benefitting beginning photographers and hobbyists, Infinite Skills anticipates demand for the training among corporate and small business users. From real estate agencies to restaurants, more businesses involved with self-promotion are using images to sell their products and services, according to Colin Boyd, sales director for Infinite Skills.

"With the right approach, many businesses are finding they can achieve a high level of image quality with consumer level cameras, especially for use on company blogs and Facebook pages," Boyd said. "These tutorials explain the secrets that can seriously improve the quality and give images a professional look and feel."

Multimedia trainer and graphics professional Andy Anderson narrates the video series, providing relevant technical knowledge and step by step explanations of the techniques presented onscreen. Anderson has conducted training sessions for numerous companies and institutions worldwide, including Disney, Universal Studios, and the White House and has authored six previous tutorial video courses for Infinite Skills.

Hardware Requirements:
* Internal or External DVD-ROM Drive (for DVD version)
* Operating System: OS X 10.2 and Above (or Windows XP)

Pricing and Availability:
The Adobe Photoshop photography training costs $99.95 (USD), and ships on an OSX-compatible DVD-ROM to customers worldwide. The complete course can also be purchased as an instant download using Infinite Skills' digital delivery option at the same price point. A full list of all tutorials included and 20 free demos can be found on the product page.

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