HumanSoftware releases HSC Edit 1.3 for Aperture

July 18, 2008 in Image Editing (F)

[] WrightsVilleBeach, NC - HumanSoftware is proud to release an update to HumanSoftware Edit for Apple Aperture on Mac OS X Leopard. HSC Edit 1.3 is an edit plug-in to Apple Aperture, a Power House of effects with more than 4000 effects to apply on one or a set of images. HSC Edit 1.3 is made of 13 modules that can be purchased separately or as a whole. Version 1.3 is Universal for Mac Intel or PowerPC.

New Feature in version 1.3

1 - AutoCorrect Image Enhancer:
Reclaim Lost Colors and Details in Photos in One Click AutoCorrect is a very efficient one click color correction, based upon the techniques professionals are using in darkrooms. With AutoCorrect you get a professional picture enhancement tool and rebalance your colors regaining details lost in the shadows or the highlights. The image enhancer module can be purchased separately for only $49.95 USD.

Combined with all the other existing modules :

2 - Multiple Layer of Curves with localized brush for spot color correction:
Improving on the Curves 'a la photoshop' version 1.3 of Edit introduces multiple layers of Curves. Each layer is linked to a brush so areas can be selected in order to perform in one step without leaving Aperture multiple color correction. A very handy tool lets you pick up highlights, shadows and gray point to balance your colors for the perfect image. Do not miss this invaluable time saver. The curves module can be purchased separately for only $29.95.

3 - Powerful Image DeNoising:
Many digital images especially those taken at higher ISO sensitivities show a "Noise" that affects the quality of the picture. Many cameras increase the sensitivity when shooting in "Action" or "Night" modes. Also, cameras that provide anti-shake using electronics (instead of an image stabilizing lens or a device to stabilize the sensor) will boost sensitivity in order to allow a quicker shutter speed. HSC Edit AutoDeNoise is there to reduce this digital noise. It is very easy to use, very affordable and appeal to a wide range of users.

4 - Image ReFocusing:
How often are you getting a picture slightly blurred because the subject has moved! After any image manipulation you are doing, the image is getting a little more blurred. HSC Edit AutoFocus uses powerful mathematical algorithms to refocus the image. AutoFocus reverses the formula by which the image got blurred... this technology gives you AS MUCH of the original "in focus" image as possible. AutoFocus uses a very powerful deconvolution tool that will reclaim the data that has been spread out.

5 - Image Beautifier:
HSC Edit AutoSmooth gives users a quick and powerful way of smoothing skin and other surfaces without blurring or affecting other details or faces characteristic AutoSmooth enables users to automatically achieve meticulous airbrush and retouching effects without tedious, time-consuming masking and manual softening. With AutoSmooth not only you will smoothen skin and get a glamorous look but you will save hours of retouching work while keeping blends and details in a way impossible to achieve manually.

6 - Correct Lens Distortion:
HSC Edit PhotoFixlens corrects barreling and pin-cushioning lens distortion produced by zoom and wide-angle lenses. This tool is especially handy for digital cameras! The effect can be applied on one or multiple images without leaving Apple Aperture

7 - Grid Distortion:
ApertureEdit Grids lets you create and use grids for all kind of distortion just on top of your images. Very handy to reverse perspective deformation. But all kind of distortion can be achieved thanks to the double grid mecanism. The most powerful grid distortion on the market today.

8 - Frame or Edge your images right inside Aperture:
HSC Edit MagicFrames features more than 1700 frames/edges in one easy super powerful dialog box so you can frame your photos to your heart delight. Again super powerful and fun to use. The frame might be apply on one or a set of images.

9 - Add Classy Frames inside Aperture:
HSC Edit ClassicFrames offers more than 100 frames similar to what you would find in an home, an office or even a museum. Perfect for portrait photographers.

10 - Add Fractals:
HSC Edit Fractals offers a library of fractals. This module provides creative look for images. Fractalian lights can be generated and blended to all photos.

11 - Put Lights on your Photos:
HSC Edit PhotoLights combines 500 different light effects. All effects like on any of the HSC Edit modules might be totally modified and used later on other set of images.

12 - Change Surfaces:
HSC Edit Surfaces offers 300 different surfaces. Those surfaces can be instantly previewed on your photo. If the full Aperture bundle is purchased effect might be combined in one single edit.

13 - Toolbox of Photo Effects:
Last but not least the HSC Edit Toolbox. A filter factory by itself. 50 powerful blocks like 'legos' can be combined together playing with masks and channels to create any effect you can imagine. Those effects can be saved and recalled later on. Among the basic blocks you will find a BW conversion tool, a film grain, a channel mixer, but also an octo_posterizer, blur tools, mosaic, deinterlace and much much more. A library of 150 advanced effects using those basic blocks feature Depth of Field, Glow effects, different Kodak/Fuji films simulation, Tungsten, polarizer, infrareds etc etc.

Pricing and Availability:
Edit 1.3 is available for download at $69.95 USD per module, 29.95 USD for the Multi-Curves module and 49.95 USD for the image enhancer or $299.95 USD as a bundle from their website.

The Human Software Company Inc, founded in 1992, is a specialist in multimedia, design, prepress and video software application development. The team experience includes original design and concept of many high-end prepress related products and other software since 1984. Other Human Software products include Squizz, MagicFrames, PhotoLight, Select, PhotoSpray, AutoDeNoise, Textissimo, PhotoTessel, XFile AutoMask, AutoCorrect, and PhotoWeave.


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