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[prMac.com] Suffolk, United Kingdom - iWebTemplate has collaborated with Jumsoft, iPresentee and 11Mystics to bring you a growing collection of 38 Apple iWeb templates. These templates are available to use in creating websites, blogs, and podcasts complete with photos, movies, and music.

Four simple steps get you started: buy, download, install the theme, and insert the required information, pictures, movies, or whatever you need into your Web site.

Jumsoft iWeb themes come with their own installer application, so you don't have to worry about moving them to iWeb. As always each theme contains numerous page layouts you are likely to need, such as "Welcome," "About Me," "Photos," "My Albums," "Movie," "Podcast" "Blog," and "Blank."

Some of the new iWebTemplate themes include:

Flowered World:
The Flowered World theme reveals your fashionable attitude towards Web site style. The main focus of this theme is the fancy and modern flowered background. The Flowered World theme consists of three main parts: the background and two layers of different importance. You can represent the information in two ways, placing the main material on the first layer and the description of it on the second layer, or vice versa, depending on your needs. There are seven different backgrounds to choose from; French blue, teal, flame, Dartmouth green, Scarab green, orange, and citrus.

The Paradise theme has a solid atmosphere with a little bit of fun. The neutral background, which blends from black to grey, allows you to play with other colors without the fear of a too-loud color scheme. Your new photos will be noticed instantly in the Paradise theme because your pictures look like they have been posted separately on the Web site. There are five variant pastel color schemes with the same background for the Paradise theme; pink, bluebird, scarab green, golden poppy, and orange.

Red Line:
The Red Line theme has a lucid and summery mood. The light colors of this theme certainly will elate your visitors as well as yourself. You can choose one of five different design variants for the Red Line theme depending on which particular details of your Web site - in one variant, the emphasis is on the new pictures, while in another one, the focus is on the news or labels, etc.

There are some unusual color schemes, but the result of the Business theme is commendable. The background blends from a light color to white, enabling your visitors to keep their attention on the important information. The atmosphere of the Business theme is in between solid and fun, so neutrality is guaranteed. The most noticeable difference among the Business theme variants is highlighting your news in few ways - loud, very bright, bright, noticeable, or neutral.

Color Beauty:
The Color Beauty theme fits perfectly when you need to be noticed. Three main colors prevail in Color Beauty theme - white, black, and a bright one that you will choose. Surprisingly, the loudness of the bright colors is not too intense. There are also sheets for the particular layouts so your Web site content will be noticed quickly. There are five bright color schemes to choose from with the Color Beauty theme background - orange, bluebird, scarab green, orchid, and mint green.

Transparent Ribbon:
A transparent ribbon in this theme reflects the endlessness of the important information on your Web site. It is also conveys the idea that your information is always current and frequently updated. The Transparent Ribbon theme fits perfectly for the solid business image. You can choose one of five different backgrounds for your Web site title that matches the color of your headlines, including pansy, beige, cherry, scarab green, and bluebird.

Simple Info:
The Simple Info theme looks like a piece of paper has been posted on the screen. There is also an international symbol for information that automatically conveys the importance of your Web site's content to your visitors. A solid atmosphere with a little bit of great mood is guaranteed. Choose one of five colors to highlight the information symbol to match the headlines of your Web site - orange, orchid, bluebird, scarab green, and cherry.

Striped Paper:
The Striped Paper theme conveys a sweet and pleasant attitude towards the visitors of the Web site. The news or other important information will catch your visitors' eyes because the main part of the Striped Paper theme seems to have been posted on the screen. Choose one of five Striped Paper themes depending on how you want to highlight your news - loud, very bright, bright, noticeable, or neutral.

The Teddy theme name says everything about itself. The Teddy theme arouses a crowd of feelings - parental love, sweetness, happiness, care, tenderness, and a lot more. The Teddy theme is especially recommended for new parents to register the growth of their baby. It also perfectly fits a company providing baby goods. There are five different color schemes to choose - for girls, for boys, or three general color schemes.

Modern Daybill:
The Modern Daybill theme looks like two separate layered pieces of paper. The shadows of the first paper on the Web site create a real 3D look, so your information seems to be real and compelling. You can choose one of five colors for the first background to match the headlines of the main paper - beige, charcoal, blue flower, cherry, and black.

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