ComboApp at the Forefront of Mobile Learning Expands Into Mac App Store

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[] Vancouver, Canada ComboApp is by any measure an established mobile application publisher, yet this reality hasnt quelled the organizations hunger to further assert its position at the forefront of the mobile and self-directed education marketplace, nor dampen its desire to continually expand its reach into newly emerging channels of education. ComboApp has begun reinvigorating its premiere Learning-To-Go app franchise with across the board updates, and is actively releasing Mac compatible versions of their most popular business and finance learning systems onto Apples new laptop/desktop-centric Mac App Store.

The industrious publisher has already made a splash on this new application marketplace after taking a gamble and offering two of their most popular iOS learning apps up for grabs. Its a testament to ComboApps willingness to tread new ground as well as the legitimacy of their educational solutions that these inaugural applications Pocket MBA: Learning Studio and Financial Solutions were met with resounding success upon release. Spurred on by the warm public reception to these applications, ComboApp almost immediately offered hungry aspiring professionals an additional ten educational courses, each with the publishers hallmark practical focus on relevant business and finance topics.

ComboApp Business Apps on the Mac App Store:
* Business Essentials Guide
* Legal Environments of Business
* Marketing Process Guide
* Real Estate: Investing
* Small Business Guide
* Smart Investment Training
* Business Education Pro
* Sales Management Training
* Profiting from Financial Statements
* Modern Supervision

ComboApps consistent ability to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to personal educational solutions mobile or otherwise has not been wholly ignored. In deed, the publisher has collected both notice and praise from a number of the highest profile tech media outlets on the web. These include everything from lauded reviews of Learning-To-Go apps on to praise from, who named ComboApps sister company Intersog among the top iOS app developers in the world.

All signs point to ComboApp pushing closer and closer to the sort of mainstream awareness that will allow its learning solutions to influence countless legions of engaged students to learn more effectively and on their own terms. In the meantime, much in ComboApp fashion, the publisher continues to dutifully create and spread its educational systems, never loosing their focus on facilitating real learning, and always keeping a keen eye on the shifting dynamics of technology and education in the future.

Pricing and Availability:
Each of the ComboApp business apps are available for $39.99 (USD) from the Mac App Store for immediate download.

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