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[] Chicago, Illinois - TranCreative today is pleased to announce Converter Plus XL 2.0 for iPad, their app that performs simultaneous conversions of measures in any of 107 different categories, including Currency, Finance, Physics, Medicine, and Engineering. A true super-converter, the app is customizable, displaying all units of measure in a given category, or only those selected. Users may edit, build, and share conversion templates with each other and download new templates from the TranCreative website. Exchange rates of all 167 world currencies are automatically refreshed every six hours or on command.

There are many mobile apps that do conversion. Most popular are those specializing in currency, tip calculation, Metric-Imperial-US weights and measures, and loan calculation. Indeed, Converter Plus XL handles all these with aplomb. But this app excels at not only the basic conversions, but also the basics of an ideal converter app: usability, customizability, expandability, and inclusivity.

From the perspective of usability, Converter Plus XL operates in both portrait and landscape modes. In landscape mode, the left quarter of the screen contains the scrolling list of categories of measurement. The remainder of the screen contains the scrolling list of measures in any chosen category. For example, selecting Force in the left Category window brings up a scrolling list of nine measures of force in the right Measure window: Dyne, Kilogram-force or Kilopond, Kilopound, Kilonewton, pound-force, Millinewton, Meganewton, Newton, and poundal. The user selects any item, the numeric keypad appears, and they enter the amount. Selecting and highlighting "Newton" allows the user to enter a measurement, e.g. 50, in Newtons. Immediately, the screen shows 50 Newtons converted into the other eight measures, displayed simultaneously.

The experience is effortless and the interface attractive and intuitive. And should the user be working with long lists, the app incorporates an ingenious modification when used in portrait mode. Rather than have both the Category and Measure windows open at the same time, the entire width of the screen is devoted to measures. Touching the List button in the tab bar brings up the scrolling Category window on the left, momentarily obscuring part of the window below. Having chosen the desired category, the window disappears, allowing the entire portrait oriented screen to display a long scrolling list of conversions.

The customizability of Converter Plus XL is also exemplary. Instead of having all 107 categories displayed in the Categories window at all times, the user may opt to display only their Favorites. One can quickly toggle back and forth between the complete list with the All button, or the short list with the Favorites button. A magnifying glass icon button brings up the alphanumeric keypad for text search. The same All or Starred (Favorites) choice applies to the listings in the Measures window, as well. Measures need not be displayed alphabetically. Users are free to arrange them in the order that suits them best, or not display them at all. Another customizing feature is a hideable set of buttons inside the Measures window: Star All, Unstar All, Add to Favorites, Send Email, and More Info.

Expandability in an inexpensive converter app is rare, and Converter Plus XL offers almost unlimited expansion possibilities. Touching the More Info button, mentioned previously, brings up a summary of the conversion template in use. It lists the number of different measures and the template's author. An Edit Template button gives the user complete control over the number items active in the list and which rules or formulae should apply in making the calculation. Complete instructions for editing and authoring templates are on the TranCreative site. The app supports 17 standard math operators, 18 math functions, converter templates, and calculator templates. Also available are additional templates from other users, as well as the TranCreative.

The inclusivity of the app is impressive. Its calculation and conversion knowledge is encyclopedic. Even physicists and mathematicians are likely to find some of the 107 categories unfamiliar. Currency conversion appears on a spacious, easy-to-read list, with all numbers in bold face. The 167 currencies include their full name, e.g. Guatemalan quetzal, as well as their three-letter international exchange symbol, e.g. GTQ. The Energy (Work) conversion category includes 31 different measures. Having selected a starting measure from the list, entering an amount displays all 30 conversions simultaneously. There are 36 measures of Length (Distance), 25 measures of Pressure, 15 of Viscosity, 19 of Time, 15 of Mass Velocity, and 7 of Entropy. Some of the more exotic categories include: Steroid Equivalency (7 units), Swim Paces (10 units), Inflation-US (past 31 years), and Audio Bitrate (9 items).

Feature Highlights:
* Converting multiple units/currencies simultaneously
* Support for compound units like Pounds + Ounces or Feet + Inches
* Full text search to quickly locate categories and units
* Built-in standard calculator
* Favorites list
* Automatic currency exchange rate refresh
* Ability to edit units/templates and sharing the templates via email
* Ability to download templates from the Converter Plus catalog on the internet
* Area, Cooking, Coordinates, Energy and Work, Frequency
* Gas Mileage, Length - Distance, Power, Pressure, Temperature
* Velocity, Speed, Volume - Capacity, Weight - Mass
* Currency (167 currencies), Inflation 1980-2010 (US)
* Savings, Loan, Mortgage, Energy Expense, Fuel Economy, Sales Tax, Tip Calculator
* Computer Data (Bytes, MB, KB, GB), Data Transfer, Radix (Hex, Oct, Bin)
* Many scientific unit categories

"We set out to make the best converter app we could, meaning the best in every way," commented company President, Minh Tran. "Working with our new Converter Plus XL 2.0 on the iPad, I am convinced we have succeeded."

Device Requirements:
* iPad compatible
* iOS 3.2 or later (iOS 4.3 tested)
* 1.4 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Converter Plus XL 2.0 for iPad is $1.99 (USD) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Utilities category. Converter Plus 2.0.1 for iPhone and iPod touch is available free in the Productivity category. Converter Plus for Mac OS X is $2.99 and available worldwide through the Mac App Store. Review copies are available upon request.

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