Destructopus Rises to Destroy Polluters and Greedy Industrialists on iOS

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[] Ottawa, Canada - GlitchSoft announces their highly anticipated side scrolling destruct-em-up arcade game, titled Destructopus, is nearing release on the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. The completely original game is a hybrid of several popular types of arcade gameplay and features a mix of side scrolling and third person shooter action. Gameplay elements mix together seamlessly as players battle an onslaught of environmental exploiters of all types in polished graphic environments.

Towering over buildings and trees, players control the mighty Destructopus, a powerful beast from the sea that cares deeply for the natural environment. Enraged at the treatment of the Earth, the Destructopus rampages to stop further environmental degradation. Throughout the game, players can expect a healthy dose of satire and lighthearted pokes at society for environmental apathy.

Based out of Ottawa, Ontario the GlitchSoft Team are outdoors enthusiasts. When asked about the game's concept, Eric from GlitchSoft replied that "With an endless amount of game possibilities before us half a year ago, we wanted to make a game that was an absolute riot to play while drawing some attention to important world issues. The environment was the team's unanimous choice" says Eric. "When we conceptualized the game, the British Petroleum oil disaster was a top headline, and we noticed that environmental disaster headlines seemed to be commonplace and surprisingly overlooked. Since news headlines appeared to go unnoticed, the team thought they would try some over the top comedy. And thus, Destructopus was born!"

For a preview of the destruction and comedy to come, GlitchSoft was willing to leak some information about the Destructopus' abilities. Apparently, the monster prefers to dine on only the finest organic fruits and vegetables grown by Canada's greenest of the green thumbs himself. Apparently, if you want the Destructopus to be able to incinerate an entire city, all you need to do is feed it the finest organic hot peppers!

GlitchSoft's Destructopus has been submitted to Apple and is under review for sale in the iTunes App Store. The team reports that preview copies along with complete press kits are available for interested parties and journalists. Press Destructopus is anticipated for release at the end of April.

GlitchSoft is an independent studio in the business of building mobile games. Founded in late 2009 by a passionate and dedicated team of mobile game industry veterans, GlitchSoft creates cool original content for Apples iPhone, iPod touch, iPad platform, and Mac OSX platforms. The studio's goal is simple: deliver fun, exciting and innovative products that everyone can enjoy. Copyright (C) 2011 GlitchSoft. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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