Connect with your friends in the real-world with Miiingle for iOS

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[] Brisbane, Australia - Miiingle Technologies Pty Ltd. has announced the release of Miiingle for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This free innovative social networking utility uses proximity-aware social networking technology to alert users whenever their Facebook friends are nearby, even if running in the background. The app also places a focus on user's privacy and security, as Miiinglers always have total control over who they want locate as well as who can locate them. Keeping a keen eye on protecting user privacy, this app solves the logistic challenges of connecting with Facebook friends in person, where it matters most. Miiingle is currently available for download on the Apple App Store at no cost.

In the spirit of other geographically conscious social networking tools, Miiingle's primary goal is to help users connect with their friends face to face. The app employs a unique proximity aware system to alert users when their contacts are nearby, cleverly labeled the "Miiingle Radius". This feature allows users to pick a customizable area around them that limits where Miingle can actively detect the user's Facebook contacts. Users will only be alerted when friends wander inside their mingle radius, thereby indicating that they're close enough to mingle with at a moment's notice. Once outside of the pre-set Miiingle radius and out of touch, the user's friends will not appear on their Miiingle map, or visa versa.

The app's central "friend radius" system remains practical and effective in real-time because it utilizes Google maps in unison with the iPhone's innovative "geo Location" capabilities. Working together, they insure Miingle's unique brand of logistics solutions actually work. Also worth noting, the app itself works on an invitation-only basis, and users always maintain full control over who's able to view their location. In deed, at its core Miiingle aims to create fully reciprocal relationships between its users. Friends see one another at the same time, and weary miiinglers can rest assured that if they don't see someone in their Miiingle radius, that person can't see them either. An additional security minded feature also allows users to hide their location from some or all of their Miiingle friends with the click of a button if they don't feel like being found.

Furthermore, Miiingle boasts an extremely simple yet intuitive user interface and utilizes its user's existing mobile contacts as well as their Facebook connections to help them create new Miiingle relationships without any undue hassle. Miiingle's creators firmly believe that meaningful friendships and connections require reciprocity and genuine human contact. Yet with this in mind, they also understood that Facebook represented a platform for connection so powerful that it couldn't be ignored if they hoped to create a viable social networking utility. The result was Miiingle, an application that helps users stay connected with their Facebook network, especially where it matters most - in the real world.

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