MConvert 6.7 released - the prime converter of measurements

March 30, 2007 in Software (E)


MConvert is the prime conversion software available for currency, metric and imperial, currently including the following 23 conversion groups:
Acceleration, Angle, Area, Base, Consumption, Currency, Data, Density, Energy, Energy/Mass, Force, Length, Mass, Permeability, Power, Pressure, Radioactivity, Temperature, Time, Torque, Velocity, Viscosity, Volume.

MConvert is the prime converter of measurements and currencies and currently includes the following 23 conversion groups:

International System of Units (SI) base units:
Length, Mass, Radioactivity, Time, Thermodynamic Temperature.

SI-derived units:
Acceleration, Angle, Area, Density, Fuel Consumption, Energy, Force, Permeability, Power, Pressure, Torque, Velocity, Viscosity, Volume.

Other units:
Base, Computer Data, Currency, Energy/Mass.

Anytime currency updates online at IMF server for free.
Support of multi conversion.
Export results to Excel (or any other spreadsheet).
Ergonomic and most user friendly.
Highly informative display of all units in one window.
Easy customizing the display.

Operating Systems: Apple * Linux * Windows

New in this version:

Added group Energy/Mass for direct Energy-Mass conversions using e=mc2
Updated atomic mass unit / dalton to value of CODATA 2002
Updated electronvolt to value of CODATA 2002
Updated astronomical unit to value of IERS Convention 2003

The Custom Display function is only active in the registered version, which furthermore remembers the last position on the screen, the last group used, the notation format used and the size of the currency window chosen.

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