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[] Berlin, Germany - AppBC today is pleased to announce the release of version 1.2 of touchAble, the successful Ableton Live controller App for the iPad. This update includes - among other new features and improvements, a new Multi-Ball XY PAD module, which gives you a wide variety of different approaches to control sound in fluid interesting ways, not found on any other controller.

Ableton Live is a fantastic playground for two-dimensional controllers like XY pads. The new touchAble XYZ Pad, integrated as a module in the usual touchAble workflow, allows users to create their own combination of parameters from Live & Max4Live devices, VSTs and AudioUnits using a smart assignment menu enabling the user to control up to 12 parameters at once.

Users can record, cut, loop & reverse motions of balls and play them back as automations in total sync to Ableton Live. You can create your own loops and save & restore them with just one tap. Each Ball has its own Gravity & bouncing settings - allowing for a variety of different movements and on the fly adjustments. The direction of gravity can be adjusted as well as gravity's force.

Add a powerful snapshot system including Morphing options and you will get a feeling for the wide and creative range of control options offered by this new module.

TouchAble is a priceless companion when using Ableton Live - now giving you even more control. Perform with 12 parameters at once without losing the overview over your set. Use several fingers to discover new territories of creativity in an intuitive and fun way. With its powerful yet easy integration into Live, its six different modules (Clip grid, Mixer, Devices, Keys, Pads, XY Pad) and two command menus (Clip & Transport) touchAble covers nearly every control element of Lives session view. Musicians all around the world can finally directly touch Ableton Live and focus on what they love: Music.

Ableton Live 8 users who want to get to get the best from their favorite DAW have to think of an iPad with touchAble instead of a traditional hardware controller. touchAble is supported by many musicians, producers, performers, DJs, engineers and composers around the world, using touchAble on stage or in studio.

Feature Highlights:

New module - Advanced Multi-Ball XY pad:
* Up to 4 balls at once - each with their own X, Y & Z Parameters
* Choose the balls X, Y & Z Parameters from All of Lives Mixer & Device
* Easy parameter assignments through the config menu
* Set direction & force of gravity and bouncing mode individually for each ball
* Record the balls movements - loop, reverse or cut them till they fit your needs
* Play them back as automations - quantized and in complete sync with Ableton Live
* Save automations and parameter assignments to the database within touchAble and exchange them with other iPads and Users via iTunes
* Save snapshots of the balls positions: Hold, Stop & Morphing mode
* Set morphing length and which of the balls are affected by snapshots

TouchAble 1.2 also offers plenty of new features and improvements:

Device Module:
* The Control elements on the FX8 & FX32 View now switch their behavior & style depending on the parameter they control
* Possible styles are: Toggle, Multitoggle, Fader and centered Fader
* This will work with Lives devices & all M4L Devices

Added 'Snap' mode:
* You can activate the Snap mode per device with the 'snap' button in the Menu to the right
* If enabled, the control elements will snap back to their original value once you lift your finger
* To change the original value of the parameters: disable Snap mode - tweak the device to your needs and enable Snap mode again to jump back to these values at the end of your touches

New optional settings:
* Added Relative Fader mode for devices
* Added possibility to disable scene launch buttons.
* Added OneTap Recording:
Newly recorded clips will automatically be of the same length as the currently set Launch Quantization. This enables you to tap on an empty slot once to start recording and have it loop automatically after the set amount of time.

Decreased latency and increased throughput to Live substantially. Performance increased throughout the app.

Artists Quotes:
"Congratulations on making the kind of App that justifies my purchase of the iPad in the first place! I love how ergonomic the graphic layout is. The client software is outstanding and simple to set up" Vernon Reid - (Living Colour, Yohimbe Brothers)

"You guys did an amazing job integrating your software with Ableton. " Nosaj Thing

"It's amazingly stable and definitely supa easy to use! I tried many different options for Ipad, but nothin' can compete. This is a hit! 10/10 Ripperton

"What I have seen is by far the best Ableton iPad App I have tested so far. Much respect from here" Henrik Schwarz

"So far, so good, I'm really happy the way the app works out." Aril Brikha

"You guys put a tremendous amount of work in this app. my deep respect for it. still discovering all the details." Robert Henke aka Monolake

Future Music Uk:
"You may think about touchAble and an iPad instead of a hardware controller. A compliment indeed."

Musictech Mag Uk:
"It can handle the majority of performance or interactive elements within Live without requiring any manual controller design or mapping, making it an easy-to-use but nonetheless powerful Live controller." 9/10

Musicradar Uk:
"The cheaper, more fully featured touchAble is a clear all-round winner. Its advanced control options give it the advantage in terms of power and make it the obvious choice for studio use and live performance."

De:Bug Mag De:
"Definitely a recommendation for all iPad users who think about buying a controller for Live - even though touchAble isn't able to deliver haptic feedback in many areas it has advantages to physical controllers. It's worth it - even for studio-use."

Users Reviews:
"If you own Ableton Live 8 and have an iPad, buy this app, and watch all your other controllers catch dust. If you own Ableton Live 8 and don't own an iPad, go buy one. "Dphouse84 (USA)

"Wonderful ! My best investment on an Ipad music app!!!!" Jean Francois Vezina (Canada)

"Truly a must have. Flawless integration with Ableton Live. Streamlines the process with a very intuitive interface that makes song construction FUN. Adds a whole dimension really. If you have Live, you really need this. Setup is a breeze, and there is no noticeable latency whatsoever. The iPad was created for this kind of interface. 5 stars all the way!" Kanonshooter (USA)

"Perfect. to be honest, I sold all my controllers.TouchAble replaces my BCR2000 and my keyboard now. Wonderful in Club and certainly gonna replace my APC40 in the studio. I can only recommend it." Ziel100 (Germany)

"No doubt a great application that expresses the possibilities of Ableton Live, giving mobility to those who want to manage it without being in front of the screen, with the benefit of multitouch technology. " panicoescenico (Spain)

"One of the reasons why I bought me an iPad. I always wanted to use Ableton Live with an external controller." Martin Weiss (Germany)

"If you are an Ableton Live user then this is a must have app. A very cool way to control it. I followed the setup instructions and it all worked within a few minutes." Franklin Indigo (Netherlands)

"Spend that $299 you'd set aside for an APC40 on some new loops and VIs. This is all you need to run Live live. The functionality is magnifique... Ladies, gents, musicians, DJs, producers, this brilliant bit of software does it. Best $25 I ever spent at the App Store. Great work." Will Love (USA)

"Amazing Production Utility. Once configured, touchable works extremely well. The latency is low and you are able to access many features of live while sitting comfortably away from your computer screen. This is by far the best way to control ableton from the iPad. Highly recommended for experienced Live users." Gary Saville (USA)

"Best way to forget the mouse, the ergonomics are very well thought out, at any moment we can enjoy two halves of screens to display different parameters, eg the virtual keyboard at the bottom, with controls a plug-ins on the upper part..I bet we are going to see a lot of touchAble on stage! hykario (France)

"Incredible Features - MUST HAVE! Despite which I have a APC40 and the evolution in action, I got this app a more than useful addition." Gsalzer (Germany)

"This application makes control easier , the information is perfectly synchronize and it is also a very intuitive control surface! " eduardo rico montero (Mexico)

"If you have Live 8.x then there really isn't a decision to be made - stop reading reviews and just buy this." PilotPrecise (USA)

"IT ABSOLUTELY ROCKS, this app integrates so well with Ableton, that finally I can use my ipad and ableton without any delays or difficulties, it's a very intuitive app! A must have for ableton/ipad users!" Alex Gomez (Netherlands)

Device/System Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad 1st and 2nd generation
* Requires iOS 3.2 or later
* Ableton Live 8.1.5 minimum/ 8.2.2 highly recommended
* Mac OSX 10.5 and above or Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
* touchAble server (downloadable for free
* 4.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
touchAble 1.2 is $24.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.

AppBC is a iOS applications developing company based in Berlin, Germany. Copyright (C) 2011 AppBC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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