Village Tronic's ViDock Gfx Assists Artist Jeremy Sutton

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[] United Kingdom - Village Tronic announces that the beginning of Jeremy Sutton's tour is a lecture on July 29 at the Regent Street Apple Store in London where he will be giving a free lecture including a live art demonstration. Then on to the Oxford Internet Institute on July 31st where he will demonstrate how state-of-the-art digital media can be used by a 21st century fine artist by transforming digital photographs into fine art paintings. One device that will be used at both lectures is Village Tronic's ViDock Gfx.

Jeremy stated, "The ViDock enabled me to give a live painting demonstration from my MacBook Pro last week in a dramatic and effective way that would not have been possible without the ViDock... This is exactly what I had been looking for when I had a booth at WPPI this year and, since it didn't exist then, I ended up shipping a Mac Pro tower computer since it had two DVI ports built in... Thank you Village Tronic (Jeremy Sutton)." This is also free and open to the public.

Starting August 1st thru the 4th, Jeremy will be holding a workshop for all levels at Pembroke College in Oxford. This will be a workshop that will try to help unleash creativity with digital media and how to maintain a balance between "control and structure with improvisation and freedom of expression" (Jeremy Sutton). ViDock Gfx will be one of the digital media headliners and will assist with creating a dynamic presentation and easy of using other tools and supporting graphics.

Jeremy is a great example to show who the ViDock family of graphics docking solutions was created for and its versatility across the business spectrum: the professional user that wants to use a single portable computer both on the road and the option to utilize multiple screens when needed whether that be in the office, studio, classroom or at home.

ViDock Gfx takes advantage of the fast connection offered by ExpressCard technology, the latest standard from PCMCIA for notebook expansion, to deliver an uncompromised user experience in terms of speed, responsiveness, 3D acceleration and resolution support. With the options of VGA, DVI Dual Link, or Dual DVI video output (Pro Edition), all the displays currently in the market can be supported, including the 30" ones at 2560x1600. The operating system compatibility ensures support for Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS X. Aero accelerated user interface for Vista is also supported.

ViDock will be on the market bundled with the valuable software application "VTMultiDisplay" that improves the user experience when working with multiple screens. Thus, allowing the user to analysis large quantities of data. Creative professionals can take advantage of ViDock's powerful multi-display support to experience the final work on one screen while viewing edit commands on another. ViDock also allows the user to turn a notebook into a high performance graphics platform, with full HDTV support perfect for artists, gamers, and home users alike.

An innovator in the graphics card industry for more than 20 years, Village Tronic introduced in 2004 the most powerful all-in-one graphics card for Windows, Macintosh and Linux notebooks: VTBook. For further information about Village Tronic and its products, please visit the company's website.