Artwizz announces release of new iPhone 3G Cases and Protective Covers

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[] Wichita, Kansas - As the innovators of the first all inclusive hard protective iPhone case, Artwizz is now introducing their new collection of cases and protective covers specifically designed for iPhone 3G. The original SeeJacket Crystal case is now available for the iPhone 3G with the same snug, snap-on design and impact resistant polycarbonate construction with cutouts for easy access to controls and inputs through connector cutouts. The same classic, sleek and transparent case keeps the display completely viewable and functional while being fully protected and keeping the iPhone 3G the center of attention.

To accompany the Crystal are the SeeJacket Silicone and SeeJacket Silicone 2C. Both are made from a high-quality, smooth silicone and including a ScratchStopper to protect the display, these SeeJacket Silicone cases offer complete protections for the iPhone 3G. The SeeJacket Silicone 2C is created with a dual silicone layer for added security. The cases are stain-resistant and washable and also offer users easy access to controls and inputs through cutouts.

Artwizz has continued the new line of iPhone 3G products with this new exclusive trio: Leather Pouch, Leather Pouch Exquo and Leather Pouch Select. All three are handmade using high-quality leather and lined with velvet for an executive finish. Specifically, the Exquo is constructed out of Nubuck Leather embossed with a unique urban design while the Select model is made with Straight leather with a stylish print design. The simple "pull-to-release" method is used for both Leather Pouch Exquo and Select, yet all three provide quick and easy access to the iPhone 3G while providing remarkable protection.

Finally, Artwizz also has among their new line of iPhone 3G products the popular MirrorFilm and ScratchStopper. Both the MirrorFilm and ScratchStopper are coverings that protect the display against dust and scratches. These display coverings do not impede the function of the touchable screen and if removed, they leave no residue. The MirrorFilm offers a unique feature as it is clear when the display is on and then shows a mirror effect when the display is off.

The ScratchStopper on the other hand is completely transparent and is easily washable. A microfiber cloth also accompanies the ScratchStopper for easy cleaning. I might add that the mirrorfilm can be used in junction with the SeeJacket Crystal case.

Artwizz was created in 2004 in Berlin, Germany to further the development of intelligently designed accessories for entertainment electronics. They have had great success with sophisticated iPod accessories and are eagerly working to produce the highest quality of accessories for iPhones as well.