Spot Documents announces 5GB Free Cloud Storage Plan

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[] Toronto, Canada - Spot Documents, a cloud based document storage system for the Apple ecosystem, announces today the availability of a free 5GB storage plan. Any kind of file can be stored using the system, which provides previews and full content searching with iPad/iPhone, Mac and web clients.

Spot Documents solves a problem in today's distributed businesses, where workers need access to vital documents and files wherever they are. While other cloud file services are more directed toward backup or ad hoc file sharing - Spot Documents is designed to be the main repository of files for a small or large company.

According to Tom Andersen, founder:
"We have succeeded in getting a desktop, Finder - like experience for file preview and searching. Being able to see your files with full previews and search them with content search brings a whole new level of usability to the iPad and other clients."

All the clients are a free download from the Apple App store for OS X and the iPhone. Clients initially log in to a demonstration read - only account which allows users to see the usefulness and searching capabilities of the service.

Signing up for Spot Documents allows users to automatically upload files as they are created on the desktop for later viewing, managing and editing on the iPad, Web or other clients.

Spot Documents scales to larger projects. Any type of file up to 5GB in size can be stored. A single account can host multiple repositories, each of which can hold hundreds of thousands of files. Any number of users can be assigned read only or read/write access to each repository, allowing for example R&D files to be hidden from accounting personel. Scaling is handled by Amazon's large infrastructure, which allows Spot Documents to be used for up to 1000 users, with hundreds of users accessing a single repository at the same time.

Tom adds:
"Amazon S3 has a secure, redundant, but ultimately boring system for storing files, and that's exactly what customers want for a storage system." He goes on: "Spot Documents takes that boring file storage system and adds content indexing, icons and previews so that desktop like search and visualization is possible from anywhere, using iOS, Web or OS X clients."

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