Mediasilo unveils Aggressive Pricing Plans for Online Toolset

July 30, 2008 in Multimedia (E)

[] Boston, Massachusetts - MediaSilo, the online suite of video collaboration, content management and broadcast tools has implemented a package of pricing plans which include unlimited storage and bandwidth for as little as $99 dollars a month. The company is also offering a free package for small users and those interested in sampling the MediaSilo product line. The new price packages and service features are available at their website.

"MediaSilo is about empowerment," said Kai Pradel, CEO. "We think it's time to eliminate storage and bandwidth concerns for our customers and allow them to focus on creativity and efficient workflows."

The online suite of video tools in MediaSilo include a broad-based content management solution, extensive collaboration and user management tools (the core of the MediaSilo platform) and a highly effective, flexible, user-controlled broadcast solution. MediaSilo's core customer base is video production and post-production. Major enterprise clients include TBS, Fremantle Media and Cirque du Soleil.

Dubbed the "Hollywood Package," MediaSilo's unlimited storage and bandwidth plan includes the three workspaces within the platform and two online media library players or "channels."

"Our unlimited solution gives our customers total control of their assets," Pradel said. "There's simply no other package that offers more value."

The company's value-based pricing structure is expected to increase MediaSilo's market share in applications outside mainstream video production.

"We're seeing MediaSilo incorporated into a variety of workflows from heathcare to worship to electronic press kits," Pradel added. "At $99 a month, we expect to see growth not only among producers and post houses, but in other applications as well."

MediaSilo is Boston-based online media company created by video production professionals and web application designers to deliver an Internet based video content management and collaboration solution. MediaSilo is privately held.