Talking Anya - Coming soon to the App Store

in Entertainment (E)

[] Fremont, California - Sprite Labs today is delighted to announce that the first of a series of their 3D interactive character apps, Talking Anya is coming very soon to the App Store as a free app. Anya is a cute little girl who loves to sing and dance, and laughs when tickled, gets angry if you touch her hair and makes a funny face if you tap her nose. She not only repeats the users's words, but she can also play a hula hoop or a bubble blowing game with the user. Users can compete with other users through Game Center.

Talking Anya is the first of its kind app, with real time 3D interactive character animation as opposed to sprite based animation that other similar apps are based on. This provides superior functionality, like interactive game play and on-the-fly dynamic modifications to the character which a pre-generated sprite based technology cannot support. As an example, users can change the textures on the model, in this case the girl's clothes and she can perform the same set of actions in different dresses, something which would not have been possible with traditional methods.

"We are eagerly waiting to introduce this new cute little friend to the iOS community", said Nikita, Creative Director at Sprite Labs.

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