Hazard Manager 3.1 for iPad - Workplace Inspections on Floorplans

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[prMac.com] Ontario, Canada - APPinspect Inc. is pleased to introduce Hazard Manager 3.1 (HazMan3.1), a multi-building, multi-floor, multi-inspection OHS map app for iPad. Starting with a user created sketch, photo or map uploaded into the iPad via iTunes, HazMan3.1 allows the safety inspector to create graphical overlays of 9 different colours of hazard icons, or to view by safety inspection layer, each layer being renameable to suit. Or view all layers at once. Accumulate inspections over time, flip between them to view change, use the export function to archive and share inspections to get hazards managed.

HazMan3.1 launches in portrait mode to display the following button choices : Start, Settings, Help, and Contact points. The app can accommodate multiple users and buildings, and a Change User button appears in green on the top right. Tapping on any user-created building or "Group" folder leads to a listing of the folders corresponding to the various floorplans within that group, e.g. floors of a building to be inspected. Tapping on the bottom "New Inspection" button brings up the base layer of the workplace floorplan. When you tap on the hazard marker pop-up legend, "HazPoints" can be added in a colour icon corresponding to one of the 9 renameable inspection layers. Inspection views work in vertical and horizontal. All layers can be viewed at once.

Each HazPoint planted pops up a three-tab data entry form. The first tab shows the name of the user, the tag (usually the name of the hazard), a description box, and a choice of risk flags: Not Set - neutral, pass - green checkmark, fail - yellow checkmark, critical - red checkmark. The second tab displays four distinct renameable field. The third tab provides a check off list for uploaded documents (photos, PDFs, etc.), keeping them associated with that HazPoint.

Feature Highlights:
* Hazard Manager 3.1 - the map-based iPad app for the Workplace Inspection Professional.
* Add HazPoints for each layer of data you need (Workplace Inspection, Near Miss, Property Damage ...)
* Make a complete record of every inspection for a floorplan, for multiple buildings or map groups.
* Multiple users may create and save multiple inspections.
* Share your Inspection by e-mail in PDF, CSV, or native Hazard Manager format (.hzp)
* Identify, document, and maintain HazPoints in an Inspection.
* Copy over HazPoints to new inspections, with risk flag reset options.

Fields for data entry include: Tag, Description, four renamable fields, and an associated documents folder. The Tag feature has a special feature that allows the user to upload nine text files for each Layer. In this way regularly inspected hazard points (e.g. "fire extinguisher") can be uploaded as a name Tag, and are accessible via a dropdown. A list can also be added to on the fly for each Layer while inspecting, saving troublesome typing.

Inspectors can enter into the HazPoint a tag, description, risk flags, four renameable data fields (e.g. exposure, occurrence, probability, and consequence for PDA), and attach documents like MSDS sheets and accident photographs uploaded via iTunes.

Each HazPoint is flagged with one of a choice of four flags (not set, pass, fail, and critical). For any given Layer, or the all Layer view option, HazPoints have one of four flags. This allows the inspector to focus on what needs doing. Mapping the inspection has numerous advantages for inspectors, allowing them to: plan what they will inspect, record what they have inspected, make a to-do list of what to do and what has to be done immediately. In addition, mapping enables inspectors to go back at any time and add information, comments and other data to their HazPoints. When a new Inspection is created, all HazPoints may or may not be copied over, and with a sophisticated resetting function for the risk flags of the new points.

"Hazard Manager 3.1 brings workplace inspection to a new level of sophistication," commented HazMan creator Christopher Adam McLeod. "Managing your inspections for worker and owner safety is made possible with this deep map app for iPad."

Language Support:
* US English for titles and help file. Help file in screenshots.
* Configurable text field names, and all text field entry windows are multilingual with Apple International Keyboard support

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* iOS 3.2 or later (iOS 4.3 tested)
* 3.3 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Hazard Manager 3.1 is $99.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business category.

Located in Oakville, Canada, the APPinspect Inc team is an independent software company founded by Brent Cornelissen and Christopher Adam McLeod in February 2010. With a focus on innovation base in real workplace application, APPinspect creates spatial apps for the Mac and iOS platforms. Copyright (C) 2011 Brent Cornelissen and Christopher Adam McLeod. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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