1st GOP Debate is Tonight, It's Time for Political Fury: Primary 2012 Ed

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[prMac.com] New York, New York - Super Boise Studios is proud to announce the release of Political Fury: Primary 2012 Edition for the IPhone and IPad. Political Fury is about bringing people of various political beliefs together and letting them show off what they know about politics and current events. With this major update they can now share their knowledge in amazing new ways! We've added a custom-built forum, an in-game social network, a Primary 2012 Center, a newsfeed that's updated daily, more community polls, and hundreds of new trivia questions.

Most importantly we expanded The Knowledge Battle to include the 2012 Presidential candidates so now players can help establish both their party and their candidate as the smartest in the land! Will Trump's legion of "birthers" show they are indeed the ultimate "Apprentice"? Will Obama and the Democrats show they're ready for a fight in 2012? Will Palin's supporters even get a chance to show they're smarter than everyone thinks? Download Political Fury: Primary 2012 Edition to your iDevice today and let your voice be heard this 2012 election season!

So how exactly does The Knowledge Battle work? When you first play Political Fury you're asked to choose your party. After that all you have to do is hit 'play' and our servers will match you with a real member of the other party. An American trivia question is then presented and the first player to answer correctly wins the round. The first player to win 3 rounds wins the game! Winning the game will add one point to your party and candidate's global scores which are updated in real-time. In the first round of The Knowledge Battle over 150,000 online games were played and the Republicans barely eked out a victory winning 50.1% of games played. Will the Democrats be able to mount a comeback?

A new feature introduced in this update is the Primary 2012 Center. The Primary 2012 Center includes profiles of every candidate running for President in 2012 and the ability to 'support' a candidate. Each candidate's profile includes some basic information about their qualifications and political platform to help you decide who you want to support. You can also use the Primary Center to see how many other players are supporting each candidate and what percent of Knowledge Battle games their supporters have won.

The Forum and in-game social network are 2 more great new features included in this update. The days of being relegated to the comments section at the bottom of a CNN article to discuss current events and politics are over! We built the Forum from the ground-up so it would perfectly integrate with the rest of Political Fury. You can create your own topics, reply to other players' posts, and easily sort all the topics available to find the most active and trending topics. If you notice another player making a lot of great arguments you can tap that player's badge to view his profile and then 'subscribe' to him to get notified when he posts in the Forum again. If you make great arguments in the Forum you'll start to build your own following!

The new features don't end there! We've added a newsfeed that's updated daily with fresh articles from around the web, a Political Label quiz that gauges your position on various issues and determines what your political label should be, and more questions for The Knowledge Battle. In fact we've added so many new features to Political Fury you'll just have to check it out and try it for yourself!

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later
* 13.7 MB

Pricing and availability:
Political Fury: Primary 2012 Edition is $1.99 (USD) but will be on sale through 5/17/2011 for $0.99 (USD) and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Political Fury Lite is now available worldwide exclusively through the App Store for free! If you would like to try Political Fury: Primary 2012 Edition please contact us via email to request a promotion code.

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