Clipboard Evolved - The Ultimate Mac OS X Clipboard manager

August 1, 2008 in Software (E)

[] Clearwater, Florida - Mach Software Design today announced a new version of its flagship product, Clipboard Evolved. Clipboard Evolved makes it fun and easy to organize your data in a user-friendly clipboard.

How many times have you copied something only to realize you need it again a few minutes later? Unlike most other clipboard managers, which either gives you the choice of a window or a menu, Clipboard Evolved offers both a beautiful clipboard window plus a menu for easy access to copy items. Welcome to Clipboard Evolved. Designed to fit neatly and unobtrusively in Mac OS X, it's the perfect multiple clipboard for Mac OS X.

Quick access in the menu bar makes the Clipboard fast to open and get rid of just as quickly. Left-click on the clipboard in the menubar to bring up the Clipboard window. Click on it again to close it. Right-click on the menu bar icon to bring up a menu. Select the item you want, and it is automatically copied. If you have a piece of data you want to copy, just drag it to the clipboard icon in the menubar. The clipboard pops up and you can drag it into which ever clip you want. And with the Clipboard's automatic save feature, you'll never have to worry about losing clipboard data again.

Clipboard Evolved offers three different clipboard sizes to choose from: small, medium, or large. With the large setting, the clipboard has over 30 containers for data - plenty of room for the serious professional. Clipboard Evolved also has five different animation options to choose from: Ripple, Copy Machine, Star Burst, Irregular Holes, and Disintegrate. The transition animations use Core Image for photorealistic transitions every time. The clipboard window itself, much like Leopard's menubar, is translucent and blurs the background for a very cool distortion effect. The color and transluency of Clipboard Evolved is custmomizable as well.

* Clipboard Evolved has an option that allows you to keep a record of your clipboard history.
* You can drag in text, colors, images, files, and URLs into one of the clips in Clipboard Evolved, as well as drag them out again.
* You can drag text, files, or images to the menu bar icon, the Clipboard will pop up.
* Right-clicking on the Clipboard icon in the menu bar brings up a menu for easy access to copy items.
* You can select clips in the Clipboard Evolved window itself and use your normal keyboard combinations such as Command-C to copy, Command-V to paste, and the Delete key to delete the contents of a clip.
* You can right click on a clip in the clipboard window to bring up an Edit menu I.e. Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete
* You can set left and right double clicking to copy, paste, or enter text for a clip.
* If you like to keep URLs and Files in Clipboard Evolved, these can be opened with a simple double-click.

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.5 Leopard or higher
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* G4 Processor, 1GHz or faster recommended
* 64 MB of video memory

Located in Clearwater, FL, United States, Mach Software Design was founded in 2008 by Roger O'Brien to create custom mac software and consumer mac software. Mach Software Design also offers custom websites, and can integrate custom websites with custom mac software. Mach Software Design is committed to building high quality Macintosh software and websites.


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