EZ-Log Software for Commercial Drivers

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[prMac.com] Phoenix, Arizona - EZ-Log announces the release of their flaship product, EZ-Log. EZ-Log looks and works like a paper logbook. EZ-Log uses drag and drop to quickly convert driver's paper logbook into a digital image. EZ-Log accurately calculates duty status totals that the driver then copies to their paper logbook. EZ-Log's visual interface is faster than manual calculations while eliminating common math errors.

Other Major EZ-Log Features:
* Miles Driven Calculator
* Average Speed Calculator
* 70 Hour Recap
* Reset Check
* A 12 Month Archive
* Log files for 3 years included
* A Visual Help System the doesn't require an internet connection
* A Comprehensive How-To and Reference Guide

EZ-Log's major design goals focus on ease of use, speed, and compliance with Hours of Service Rules. Using visual input methods where possible and reducing keyboard input to an absolute minimum fulfill these goals.

EZ-Log includes complete training and reference documentation. Programmed learning and a visual help system help new users get up to speed quickly. A traditional text based User Guide is also included. Internet access is not an option for obtaining help for most of EZ-Log's market. So, complete help and documentation is included.

System Requirements:
* Windows XP or better, Mac OS 10.4 or better
* Microsoft Office or Excel 2007 for Windows Office, Microsoft Office or Excel 2004 for Mac

Pricing and Availability:
EZ-Log is $59.95 (USD) when discount code, save20, is used at checkout. EZ-Log is available exclusively through EZ-Log website.

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