Ecolab Finds Enterprise Solutions with iPod touch and iFormBuilder

May 10, 2011 in Business (E)

[] Herndon, Virginia - With more than 26,000 associates world wide throughout 160 countries, Ecolab's logistical needs are both massive and extremely varied.

Working with customers, Ecolab is implementing comprehensive patient room cleaning programs that include a measurement component in which hospitals collect data about cleaning outcomes. Because much of the data is collected on an on-going basis from each customer site and wireless internet is not always available with varying facilities, there was a clear need for a simple, yet scalable and secure solution that would allow Ecolab to collect mobile data without the need for a connection.

"The best part about working with Zerion was that the implementation process was very fast and efficient," said Ryan Rensvold of Ecolab.

After seeing a Zerion Software presentation of iFormBuilder for a different project, Ecolab began to explore the use of iFormBuilder to help them collect data for measuring cleaning outcomes. Ecolab was able to quickly construct an enterprise software solution with iFormBuilder allowing them to create and market their own mobile data collection forms using the iFormBuilder platform.

In just months they were able to use and distribute this product worldwide. Ecolab was able to use the flexible form building and secure data collection abilities of iFormBuilder in conjuction with a patented and proprietary cleaning outcome monitoring process developed in-house. In addition, Ecolab chose the iPod touch, a device that enabled quick distribution and was cost effective as a mobile device.

"iFormBuilder offered us the speed and efficiency we needed to support our program," Said Mr. Rensvold. "The ease of configuration and how quickly we were able to prototype allowed us to meet very tight project timelines and deliver a successful data collection and reporting program."

iFormBuilder's ease of use and easy form building allowed Ecolab to rapidly create form prototypes and the Smart Enterprise business model pioneered by Zerion Software streamlined the process, allowing for an unprecedented speed to market for a project of this magnitude.

"iFormBuilder improved the security and integrity of the data collected as well as reducing the labor costs involved with manually collecting and assimilating data," said Mr. Rensvold of Ecolab.

With the ability to collect data remotely, even without a connection, Ecolab was able to offer quick, efficient data collection across their global network of clients and associates.

Pricing and Availability:
iFormBuilder is available from the iFormBuilder website with multiple license options. iForm for iOS is available as a free download from the App Store in the Business Category.

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