MediaSilo key for ABC's Wipeout!

August 4, 2008 in Multimedia (E)

[] Boston, Massachusetts - MediaSilo is a new suite of online tools that bridge the geographic and temporal divide production teams face by offering centralized video asset management, online review tools, and web-based deployment options - all in one platform.

Casting ABC's Tuesday night hit Wipeout!, presented a monumental task for Endemol USA, the show's producers. However, online video collaboration and content management leaders MediaSilo enabled the casting team to streamline the process and cut costs and schedules in half.

"I budgeted ten weeks for this project," said Mikey Glaser, freelance casting director. "With MediaSilo, I did it in five."

Glaser also said similar projects would require up to ten casting assistants, but in using MediaSilo he was able to complete the project with just one. Wipeout!, is just one of many examples of Hollywood's move to MediaSilo for pre-production projects like casting, collaboration and approval. Other clients include Fremantle Media and TBS.

"It's a great fit," says MediaSilo CEO Kai Pradel. "MediaSilo was born from a production environment, so our workflow is custom tailored to casting workflows."

"Wipeout! is a good example of how the MediaSilo online tool suite can cut costs and dramatically increase productivity in the demanding and time-sensitive network or syndication production environment," he said.

"I'll never do another project without it," added Glaser.

MediaSilo recently announced an aggressive pricing structure offering limited free service and an unlimited storage and bandwidth solution for $99 USD a month. The new pricing packages are believed to be the most competitive in the industry. Pricing and plans are also featured on the company's website.

MediaSilo is Boston-based online media company created by video production professionals and web application designers to deliver an Internet based video content management and collaboration solution. MediaSilo is privately held.