What if Brain Age and FarmVille had a Secret Lovechild

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[prMac.com] Vancouver, Canada - With the razor sharp intellect of Brain Age(TM) and social charms of Farmville(TM), the social brain game GardenMind(TM) has been announced as a Finalist for next week's Canadian Video Game of the Year Awards in the Social/Casual games category. The award ceremony, held next week in Vancouver, British Columbia features big hitting titles such as Mass Effect 2, Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Fifa Soccer 11.

GardenMind is a free-to-play game for lovers of brain games, puzzles games, Sudoku style games and those of you who generally enjoy flexing the big muscle between your ears. Competitive folk can challenge their friends across a ton of meaningful games, ranging from problem solving to math to memory games.

When asked about GardenMind, social game player Joy Olayta from Toronto said "if you like exercising your brain while playing fun games, you will love this one!"
Self-confessed word puzzle game junkie Michael Jarvis wrote "Excellent game. Relaxing and challenging."

Rather than focusing on a single Brain Score outcome like traditional brain training games do, GardenMind offers a neat metaphor - your mind is represented as a virtual garden. To grow a flower you complete a word game; to grow a tree you play a memory game. Do nothing? Weeds grow.

GardenMind can be played on Facebook or at the GardenMind website.

The Canadian Video Game Awards ceremony will be held on May 18th at the Centre for Performing Arts in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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