Reactor 2.0 brings Gantt Charting, Calendar and ImageFlow to FileMaker

August 6, 2008 in FileMaker (E)

[] Christchurch, New Zealand - After much anticipation and an exciting preview at the FileMaker Developer Conference, Fusion Plugins have released Reactor v2.0, the radical User Interface plugin for FileMaker Pro. Reactor v2.0 features super-easy to use, ready-made "black-box" controls: now you can add a calendar or Gantt chart or live filtering as easily as you add a portal to a layout.

No longer requiring HTML and JavaScript expertise FileMaker Developers across the board can access the awesome user interface possibilities available with the Reactor plugin.

Featured in this release are:

Native Button - a simple control to create OS native buttons, with disable and hide by calculation. By far the quickest way to build a button if you need any sort of dynamic control over the button state. The Reactor button is quicker and easier than conditional formatting techniques to achieve the same effect.

Popup Menu - an OS native control with script execute on select, disable and hide by calculation. Reactor's Popup menu works with keyboard control or mouse, and can return an ID or key value which is hidden from the user.

Slider - a draggable slider control, with scroll-wheel support, and disable / hide by calculation.

LiveField - a field that updates as the user types. LiveFields can be used to create live filtered portals, or perform validation in real time, as the user types.

Gantt Chart - the Reactor Gantt chart control will graph tasks given the day and duration for each one. Users can adjust tasks intuitively just by dragging the bars. Implementing the Gantt chart is dead-easy for developers as it's much like creating a portal.

ImageFlow - create a visual record browser that the user can flick through, a la iTunes Cover Flow. As with the Gantt chart, it takes the developer only a few minutes to setup ImageFlow in a solution. ImageFlow features support for the mouse Scrollwheel too.

and One More Thing ...

The Day Calendar!

Featuring full support for drag and drop creation and editing of appointments/bookings. If you've got appointment records with a date and time structure then it will take you only a few minutes to get the calendar up and running.

"This is by far the single most requested widget. You've gotta see it - drag to create a booking - type in directly on the spot - drag to move or adjust... it'll even update itself as other users change bookings. This is going to blow your customer's socks off, we promise! " says Digital Fusion CEO Craig Saunders.

The upgrade is free to registered users of any earlier version. For more information on Reactor, purchase options, and a demonstration download visit the Fusion Plugins web site. Fusion Plugins are produced by Digital Fusion Ltd.

Digital Fusion Ltd is a 16 person software company, that develops bespoke solutions for the SME and corporate workgroup markets. They've specialised in FileMaker as their platform of choice for bespoke, rapid development projects. Digital Fusion is a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance.


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