FPPostGreSQL Updated to Version 2.0

in OS X Development (F)

[prMac.com] Combs La Ville, France - Flying Pig announced the release of FPPostGreSQL 2.0. Two years ago, Flying Pig released the first release for FPPostGreSQL, the free 100% Cocoa/Objective-C 2.0 PostGreSQL Framework. We introduce version 2.0 with a bundle of new features and a lot more stability.

Among new features, developers may use now :
* SSL Support
* Localhost management
* Thread lock fixes
* Connection management sync, async and new methods (connect, reconnect, closeConnection)
* FPCoreSQL handles the connections as well
* Fix Encoding bugs
* Large Object bug fixes
* NSOperations fixes
* Oid type handled as NSNumber
* Implementation of type numeric as NSDecimalNumber
* Float bug fix
* Float as NSDecimalNumber
* Partial 64bit support
* Several Minor and Major bug fixes
* Extensive testing of the framework

FPPostGreSQL is used as a part of Edouard, the optimized and innovative ERP-like solution and Louise, the smart data importer. Both are Flying Pig products designed for Mac OS X platform.

Flying Pig US engineers will be as usual at Apple's WWDC, in San Francisco, California, from June 6th until June 10th 2011. It is always a good opportunity to meet and talk about FPPostgreSQL.

Pricing and Availability:
FPPostGreSQL is still 100% free and available, with its documentation, through the Flying Pig Developer Portal.

Flying Pig is a French company started in 2007, dedicated to create exceptionally efficient and inovative computer-based business solutions. In 2010, Flying Pig corp was established in Cupertino, California to provide FP's product to the North American market. Both Flying Pigs are arms of the Thiercelin Family Group established in 1809. Copyright (C) 2011 Flying Pig. All Rights Reserved.