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[prMac.com] Phoenix, Arizona - EZ-Log announces that EZ-Log, their new cross platform application for long haul commercial drivers using paper logbooks is now only $19.95 (USD). The price adjustment makes EZ-Log the most affordable, complete software package for complimenting paper logbooks. EZ-Log is a complete set of software logbook tools for commercial drivers subject to U.S. Department of Transportation logbook rules.

Craig Kozloski, the developer is quoted, "We decided to aggressively price EZ-Log because we want to make it attractive and available to even the newest drivers. Drivers who most need the kind of help EZ-Log provides. Even seasoned drivers considering software solutions to paper logbooks are experiencing economic pressures. Companies are reducing pay as fuel prices are skyrocketing."

He added, "Drivers are generally forced to pay too much for just about everything. Truck friendly retailers charge triple for things drivers need every day. We decided to make EZ-Log not only the best logbook software but the most affordable as well."

EZ-Log looks and works like a paper logbook. EZ-Log uses drag & drop to quickly convert driver's paper logbook into a digital image. EZ-Log accurately calculates duty status totals that the driver then copies to their paper logbook. EZ-Log's visual interface is much faster than manual calculations and virtually eliminates common math errors.

Other Major EZ-Log Features:
* Miles Driven Calculator
* Average Speed Calculator
* 70 Hour Recap
* Reset Check
* A 12 Month Archive;
* Log files for 3 years included
* A Visual Help System the doesn't require an internet connection
* A Comprehensive How-To and Reference Guide

EZ-Log's major design goals focus on ease of use, speed, and compliance with Hours of Service Rules. Using visual input methods where possible and reducing keyboard input to an absolute minimum fulfill these goals.

EZ-Log includes complete training and reference documentation. Programmed learning and a visual help system help new users get up to speed quickly. A traditional text based User Guide is also included. Internet access is not an option for obtaining help for most of EZ-Log's market. So, complete help and documentation is included.

System Requirements:
Windows XP or better, Mac OS 10.4 or better. Additional Requirements. Microsoft Office or Excel 2007 for Windows Office, Microsoft Office or Excel 2004 for Mac.

Pricing and Availability:
EZ-Log is $19.95 (USD). EZ-Log is available exclusively through the EZ-Log website.

EZ-Log is a software development company located in Phoenix, Arizona. (C) 2011 EZ-Log, all rights reserved. Windows, Microsoft, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the US and foreign countries. Apple, Mac, Mac OS, the Apple logo are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the US and foreign countries.


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