Toronto Company Launches An Old School Arcade Game

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[] Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Glass Puppy Inc. announces the release of BloomDots 1.1.1 for iOS. BloomDots is a game that combines a classic retro arcade feel with the kind of sleek gameplay mechanics made possible by the iPhone's unique and paradigm-shifting user interface.

The BloomDots iPhone app is a beautiful game with rich colors, luminous graphics and top-notch audio. The game is about bouncing colored dots that bash and bang around the screen, colliding with different colored bricks that affect the dots in different ways, speeding them up, slowing them down. Tapping the screen, creates a localized explosion that destroys any nearby dots. When a dot is destroyed, it also blows up, which then destroys more dots.

The object of the game is to clear away all the dots in the least amount of time, with the fewest possible taps and generate the highest possible score. If you time it just right, it's possible to clear all the dots off the screen with a single tap! Once you've achieved the minimum score for any given screen, the next level is unlocked, and you can move on and try to complete all 120 levels.

BloomDots has a truly classic feel. With its elegant, simple design and results-oriented game-play inspired by the Golden Age of classic videogames. BloomDots combines old-school arcade elegance with a high-tech iPhone twist, creating a game that is deceptively simple, powerfully addictive and - most importantly - immensely satisfying fun.

Glass Puppy, Inc is confident that the marketplace is hungry for a classic arcade game like BloomDots. People typically miss the games from their youth and seek them out in the App Store. BloomDots stays true to the glory days of arcade games, when the industry was defining itself.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iPhone OS 3.2.2 or later
* 36.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
BloomDots 1.1.1 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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