SkyBlueCanvas Development Team Announces Version 1.1 Beta Release

August 17, 2008 in Web Design (E)

[] Richmond, VA - The SkyBlueCanvas Development Team has announced the release of version 1.1 Beta of the SkyBlueCanvas Lightweight content management system (CMS). The new version includes improvements to the core functionality as well as several new features including single-click content publishing and re-ordering, an enhanced Plugin API (application programming interface) and simplified module placement and publishing.

"We have focused our efforts on responding to the great feedback we've received from our users", says Scott Lewis, the creator and lead developer of SkyBlueCanvas. "Over the next several weeks we will be preparing a release candidate of the new version and creating good documentation for users and developers".

SkyBlueCanvas runs on the Apache web server and is compatible with PHP versions 4-5. The system requires no configuration or special modules. You simply un-archive the package in your website directory and start creating your content.

The system is licensed under the GNU/GPL v3.0 License. Service packages for business owners including site setup, customization and design are also available from the development team.

The SkyBlueCanvas Development Team is made up of Scott Lewis, Todd Crowe and Steve Fister. Scott Lewis is a web applications developer in Richmond, VA and has 8 years of experience in web applications development for the advertising, information security and telecommunications industries. Todd Crowe is a former software developer for NetScape and AOL and has been writing software professionally for over 15 years. Todd has a diverse background in developing operating systems, desktop applications, and large scale web software. Steve Fister has been a professional internet application developer for 15 years, spending most of this time in San Francisco Bay Area. Steve has broad experience in large scale portal development, content management systems, e-learning systems development, and technical writing.