Case Hut Announces Bundles and Fills the Industry Gap

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[] Bournemouth, United Kingdom - Case Hut announces the availability of Bundles. Over the last decade, mobile device manufacturers have found themselves competing in what has become one of the most overcrowded markets of the century. With a new device hitting the shelves almost every week from the top players, price point has become the factor. Not so much to the consumer though.

The phone contract is the Holy Grail to network providers who are able to masquerade the price of a handset using this pay monthly method. Why? Most consumers want the latest and greatest from gadgeteers pursuing ultimate functionality to trend followers thriving to be noticed as with it. Regardless of the reasons, consumers who go the route of acquiring a contract have embraced the consequences without really being aware of them. Put the issues aside of the actual cost of the handset Vs. what you pay and actually use a month, another factor has crept in with few noticing it until the day comes; Accessories.

We recently looked at some mobile phones and devices from 5 to 10 years ago and we were amazed. One phone which was seen as the phone to have during its short lived era which was also priced cheaper than handsets these days (inflation again due to masquerading tariff costs) came with a wealth of physical extras. Are you ready? These included a spare battery, a data cable, headset, mains charger, travel charger, in-car charger, soft pouch case, a sort of screen protector (you know an actual screen protector applied during the assembly process with the yellow 'remove here' tab which you could use for a while) and a dock.

Over the years, the manufacturers have cut down on cost by slowly pulling one of these each time. Now we understand some of these are still included but which? Not all of the accessories are required by the end user however at some point we inevitably use them when the situation arises. This now means you will more than likely have to log on to your PC or phone's browser, search for the accessory, pay and wait or pop down to your high street and fork out an extortionate amount of money for what that accessory really is.

The point of this press release is our bundles. We are primarily a case site however we like to cover the essentials and with the growing number of checkouts that included a screen protector, charger and case, we wanted to do something about it. We have introduced pre-configured bundles including the following; in-car charger, headset, screen protector, stylus and of course the Case. The main point of this package is that for the average price of a case around the web, you can achieve a bundle of accessories your phone/device never came with thus completing your device.

The bundles typically range from 10.99 (GBP) just 18.99 (GBP) and are available on the site now. We are continually adding to these however if the bundle you want comprising of a specific case of configuration isn't available, we will upload it to the store for you and email you back with the link. We encourage this as it is more than likely given that if you want it, somebody else will as well. We hope to fill the gap left by manufacturers and network providers. We love the mobile phone manufacturers and providers, it's a business we couldn't live without and the real reason for these changes inevitably falls back on to the consumer and their requirements. Consider the gap filled.

Case Hut offers a wide extensive range of cases and accessories for the industry leading mobile devices. We support Apple including the iPhone, iPod and iPad, BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Nintendo and more. We are growing everyday and with the mobile device market ever changing, we thrive on having the best cases for that latest device. Copyright (C) 2011 Case Hut. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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