Amuse announces My Living Desktop 4.9 for Mac OS X - Video Desktop

June 8, 2011 in Software (E)

[] Marina del Rey, California - Amuse, Inc. today is pleased to announce My Living Desktop 4.9 for Mac OS X, an update to their critically acclaimed application which provides dozens of unique high definition videos each creating a soothing visual and aural environment on the Mac desktop. In addition to videos of natural beauty shot from all over the globe, the application also allows the user to import their own home movies. Featuring programmable serenity breaks, desktop and screensaver video, intelligent video randomization, auto-disable and auto-mute, and battery conservation, the app brings a sense of serenity and artistry to an otherwise static desktop. Amuse also offers a wide variety of additional video desktops, which may be purchased individually or in ScenePaks from their Scene Store.

Feature Highlights:
* My Living Desktop is a unique cross between a Video Desktop (moving wallpaper) and a traditional screen saver
* 26 visually stunning, relaxing, high definition video scenes create a personalized desktop
* Scene Importer tool allows the user's own home videos to play as video desktops or as screensavers
* Auto-mute function automatically disables sounds when listening to music or other sound
* Auto-disable function automatically disables desktop video when viewing DVDs or other video content
* Conserve battery option auto-disables My Living Desktop when running on battery power and re-enables it when on AC
* Automatic Serenity Breaks may be scheduled to remind users when to take needed breaks

My Living Desktop provides a user experience of an entirely different order than just the traditional selection of static desktops and artificial looking screensavers. The screen, that entity which commands the user's attention for many hours each day, is suddenly transformed into a window of some of Nature's most glorious moments, captured in crisp video and immersing sound. The desktop, the virtual desk top on which rest stacks of virtual folders, is no longer static, fixed, unchanging. My Living Desktop brings the Mac owner something they may have never realized was missing - gentle movement, gradual change, wonderful patterns, life in gentle motion.

Since 2005 Amuse, Inc. has continually expanded My Living Desktop's feature set and Scene library, and has earned accolades from both reviewers and tens of thousands of Mac users. A free trial version of My Living Desktop is easily downloaded and once purchased, the company backs the software with a thirty-day money back guarantee. The eyes of millions of Mac users are glued to their screens every day and for most, the image of the desktop is unnoticed and mute, but for a fortunate few, it is an unexpected source of pleasure, tranquility, and art, all in motion.

Included Video Desktops and Themes:
* Animals & Insects - Egret, Monarch Mania (butterflies), Mother & Daughter (seagulls)
* Autumn - Autumn Stream
* Black & White - Petrology (diamonds in water)
* Cityscapes - Fun Zone (Ferris wheel)
* Clouds - Golden Sunset, In No Time (palm trees at sunset), Smooth Clouds, Vacation Skies
* Farms - Farm Gate
* Flowers - Delicate Balance (lotus), Pretty in Pink (roses)
* Forest - Lushness (tropical rain forest)
* Landmarks - Independence Day (fireworks)
* Ocean - Beach Tree, Reef, Reflections (surf), Serene Saver (seashore at sunset), Tide Pool
* Spiritual - Embers, Swiss Alps, Thai Temple
* Streams - Reflections from the Canals, Scottish Loch
* Waterfalls - Grotto Falls

"My Living Desktop provides a unique way to personalize your Mac," stated Kevin Kachikian, My Living Desktop developer. "Choose any of our quality crafted Scenes or create your own scenes."

System Requirements
* OS X version 10.5 and above (OS X 10.7 tested)
* Intel processor with 1GB of RAM or more
* 1GB of available hard disk space
* High speed Internet connection is highly recommended

Pricing and Availability:
My Living Desktop 4.9 is $34.95 (USD) for a single computer license and $49.95 for a five computer license, and is available for purchase and download directly from the Amuse website. Review copies are available upon request.

Based in beautiful Marina del Rey, California, Amuse, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 2005 by a longtime Mac developer with award-winning software titles and over 25 years of Macintosh experience. Amuse was founded for the purpose of bringing unique desktop innovations and solutions to the Mac platform, with a major emphasis on total customer satisfaction. Amuse is recognized for and holds various patents on innovative technologies. Copyright (C) 2011 Amuse, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac and OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Amuse, the Amuse logo, and My Living Desktop are trademarks and registered trademarks of Amuse, Inc.