Web Help Desk Launches Version 9 Cross-Platform Help Desk Software

August 20, 2008 in Mac OSX (E)

[prMac.com] Fremont, CA - MacsDesign Studio LLC, developers of the leading cross-platform help desk software solution, Web Help Desk, today announced the availability of Version 9, a major update to its flagship service management solution. Web Help Desk Software Version 9 adds rules-based voting and approval process for change requests, an extensible plug-in architecture for popular 3rd party asset management tools, and an AJAX enhanced user interface. Version 9 remains truly cross-platform, with server side installers for Mac OS X Server, Windows Server, Linux, and Unix.

"The feature enhancements within Web Help Desk v9 are primarily a product of listening to the thoughtful input from our loyal customer base, and the forward thinking of our savvy development team," stated Jonathan Lew, President of MacsDesign Studio. "Version 9 exemplifies our commitment to providing organizations with a vendor-neutral IT service management solution without the complex configuration."

The latest version of the Web Help Desk software delivers numerous new productivity features, including:

* Change Management Control - Automated and dynamic rules-based approval workflow to track and manage change request submissions and approval voting.

* Asset Discovery Data Imports - Scheduled imports of asset discovery data, providing technicians with the most up-to-data hardware and software information related to the service desk request at-hand.

* Mac and PC Remote Control - Trigger Mac and Windows remote control sessions directly from strategically located screens within the Web Help Desk web-based application for enhanced desktop management.

* "We Suggest You Try This First" - The web-based customer service portal in Web Help Desk v9 dynamically recommends knowledge base resolutions during the service request submission process, facilitating customer self help.

* Localization Language Capabilities - Web Help Desk version 9 automatically selects any end-user's preferred language pack based on the default language setting of the end-user's web browser.

* Alter Help Desk Software Vendor Terminology - All nomenclature within the interface may be modified to an organization's standard terminology, preventing the introduction of new and confusing terminology to end-users.

* New Interface Updates - Content searches and updates throughout the interface are displayed to end-users in a fast and fluid AJAX format. Extensive improvements to the interface layout will help boost technician productivity.

For more information on the Web Help Desk Software Version 9, please visit their website.

Founded in 1998, MacsDesign Studio LLC is a global provider of the Web Help Desk software suite, the leading cross-platform service desk management solution for help desk and customer support professionals who seek to simplify and control their increasingly complex service environments. The extensive feature set of the Web Help Desk software addresses critical IT and support areas, including: Incident and Problem Management, Asset Management, Knowledge Management, LDAP and AD Integration, and Change Management. The Web Help Desk software suite is a service desk management leader for small to mid-sized enterprises and departments of large multi-national organizations.