Ohanaware releases Funtastic Photos: photo editor with funtastic tricks

August 20, 2008 in Image Editing (E)

[prMac.com] Jhangle, Pingtung, Taiwan - Ohanaware, a new company specializing in photo software products announced the immediate availability of their flagship product "Funtastic Photos". Funtastic Photos is a Non-destructive and fully reversible photo editor, with easy to use 1-Click Styles, Advanced Effect engine, direct sharing via Fun Cards, Cell Phone (inc. iPhone) and popular photo sharing sites. Funtastic Photos features a creative print layouts system, with awe-inspiring projects.

Funtastic Photos is a modern photo editor, designed to make photo editing available to everyone. Funtastic Photos feature the very latest in photo editing technology, Non-destructive & fully reversible. Photos are no longer permanently changed, they can be changed, changed again, undone, changed and then rewound to their original state.

Editing a photo today and then making a minor change next week or month no longer requires having to find the original photo, trying to remember all the changes that were made and then re-applying them. In Funtastic Photos all it needs is to save the photo using the default format of FunPhoto. When the photo is next opened, Funtastic Photos knows what the changes were and allows them to be tweaked, removed and new changes to be made. Even the order of the changes can be changed.

Funtastic Photos Editor is where the photo editing takes place. Start with a supremely easy interface that uses 1-Click Styles for editing, which only take 1-Click to apply. Advanced controls are easily available, allowing custom editing or tweaking of the photo. All the advanced controls are consolidated into a single place; no more hunting through menus or complicated interfaces to find a simple blur. During each photo editing session Funtastic Photos provides unlimited undos and redos. Settings can be transferred between photos using copy & paste and/or shared with family and friends as a custom 1-Click Style.

Sharing photos is a snap using Funtastic Photos. From a single toolbar button, a photo can be sent via Fun Card, E-mail, posted to the popular photo sharing sites (such as Facebook, Flickr, MobileMe & Picasa Web Albums), added to iPhoto, set as the desktop picture, transferred to a cell phone or even into the current iChat conversation. Funtastic Photos also features an amazing "Print & Layout" system, which allows for the photos to be printed in a number of inspiring layouts. Examples are Photo Collages, Posters, Greetings Cards and Photo Fun Cubes.

Funtastic Photos Leverages some of the talents of Mac OS X, utilizing the ImageIO Kit for loading and saving many image file formats, Quartz 2D for 2D graphics and Spotlight to aid with tracking down photos.

System Requirements:
Funtastic Photos requires a Power Macintosh G4, G5 or Intel based Macintosh computer, running Mac OS X v 10.4 or later. It is recommended to have at least 512 mb of RAM.

Pricing and Availability:
Funtastic Photos is available today for the amazing introductory price of $34.99 USD (RRP $49.99). A free unlimited trial can be downloaded from Ohanaware's web site, during the trial Funtastic Photos will watermark any exported or shared photos. Ohanaware provides a wallet friendly family pack, up to 5 people can install and use Funtastic Photos, for the introductory price of $70 USD (RRP $99.99). The introductory prices are due to revert on the 1st of October 2008. Ohanaware uses eSellerate to provide its online store.

Ohanaware is a family team with a history and passion in software development, in 2007 their games company Ohana Games had a top ten hit with the game Recyclorama. Both Joy Sha and Sam Rowlands enjoy the thrill of amateur photography and sharing their photos with family and friends. Joy Sha has a history in the design industry with experience as a 2D and 3D artist, she also holds a masters in 3D animation. Sam Rowlands has been writing software since 1990. He won his first award in 2004. His most famous work includes iWatermark and net_clipper.