LapStrap May Be The Only True Checkpoint Friendly Solution

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[] Palm Harbor, Florida - As many manufacturers are getting in line to produce the next Checkpoint Friendly laptop bag, there is one product that has taken a different route. As most of these "checkpoint friendly" bags are $100 or more, issues may arise with travelers who are being asked to remove their laptops from their new bag which was purchased to resolve such situations.

For only $24.95 USD, the new LapStrap not only allows continued use of your existing laptop bag, but through company testing has not resulted in a single request by TSA Officers to be removed from the laptop. The innovative LapStrap is a simple accessory that creates a shoulder strap for your laptop computer.

By attaching LapStrap to your laptop you can continue the use of your existing travel bag and navigate the security checkpoint with ease. LapStrap allows the computer to be secured over your shoulder which frees both hands to gather additional items such as keys, cell phone, and boarding pass. Even with the disclosed "Checkpoint Friendly" criteria, the Transportation Security Administration states that Officers reserve the right to have any laptop removed from its bag, even if the bag is considered "checkpoint friendly" by the manufacturer.

LapStrap Features:
* Custom colors and logos available
* Neoprene shoulder pad
* Padded, durable nylon construction
* Heavy-duty adjustable buckles
* Adult and Youth sizes

Another issue arises with laptop travelers if requested to check bags planeside. Many have faced this scenario and find themselves scrambling to remove their laptop as they board the plane. By having LapStrap attached to the laptop, the laptop now becomes easily secured for transporting.

Whether faced with a security line, a coffee shop, a quick meeting, or a class LapStrap offers the flexibility to decide to carry your full bag or simply your laptop. LapStrap can be purchased online for $24.95 USD.

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