Losing Your iPhone Might Cost You Much More Than You Think

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[prMac.com] London, United Kingdom - iPhone owners who don't PIN protect their phones risk more than the realise as app usage grows. The average iPhone owner has downloaded 40 apps, but less than half protect their iPhone with the built-in PIN protection feature.

Most people don't actually realise just how much personal, or sensitive, information they store on their smart phones, in particular iPhones for which many more apps are available. As well as the personal details of their friends, pictures of loved ones, carefully-crafted playlists and hard-earned high scores, apps can also store bank account details and provide access to social media profiles, as well as any number of online retail accounts, corporate networks and sensitive business emails. For many, losing an unlocked iPhone could be much more costly than just replacing the actual device.

A new iPhone app launched on 14 May will help to encourage more owners to PIN protect their iPhones, not only to prevent potential data loss but also save unnecessary worry and expense. When installing Return My Phone, users are encouraged to set a PIN code as this new app creates a bespoke Lock Screen image that enables the owner to offer a reward if the iPhone is ever lost.

Graham Mead, founder of Return My Phone, said: "Our research shows that most people would try to return a lost iPhone, but if a reward was being offered they would go to greater lengths to do so. With Return My Phone, returning a lost iPhone is both quick and safe, without the owner having to disclose personal information or arranging anonymous meetings. On setting up the app, the owner says how much they would pay as a reward. So should they ever lose their iPhone the finder is incentivised to return it using our hassle-free Freepost service. We act as the neutral go-between, managing the reward payment and safe handover of lost iPhones."

The app has been developed to ensure that the installation of the bespoke Lock Screens is simple, while the process of returning a lost iPhone is easy, and free, for the person who finds it.

"Using a PIN to protect your iPhone and personal information is common sense but most people don't bother. By having a PIN lock in place and installing Return My Phone, iPhone owners are protecting themselves in the event of losing their phone. The PIN protects their information, while the app enables the iPhone to find its way home quickly and safely. And the finder is rewarded for their honesty! It might be the only app you buy but never actually need, but if you have to call on our services it could prove to be the best app you ever bought", said Graham.

Founded in January 2011 Return My Phone went live in the app store on Saturday 14 May 2011. The app is the only one of its kind in the app store as it offers both a bespoke and unique Lock Screen, as well as managing an iPhones safe return in exchange for a reward. Return My Phone is a small, privately-owned, limited company, based in Surrey. By the end of the year, it is hoped that Return My Phone will be rolled out to work on Android and BlackBerry platforms. We are also planning to take Return My Phone to the US, Australia, New Zealand and continental Europe. Copyright (C) 2011 Return My Phone. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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