KPL Studios releases iTC Calc 2, a new iOS tool for post-production

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[] Ramat Gan, Israel - June 13, 2011 - Announcing that KPL Studios has released a major update to its iTC Calc line of software for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Rebuilt from the ground up, iTC Calc transforms itself to be much more than a standard timecode calculator by offering unique features not found in any other timecode apps.

Since 2008, professionals in the post-production industry have been making good use of the portable convenience and the set of useful tools that iTC Calc provides. Today, KPL Studios sets new standards by introducing a line of 4 iOS apps for working with timecodes: iTC Calc 2, iTC Calc A La Carte, iTC Calc for iPad and iTC Calc Ultimate.

iTC Calc 2, the Timecode Toolkit for iPhone, introduces an all-new, organic, creative & efficient interface based on tool cards. iTC Calc 2 offers a large selection of tool cards to simplify the work with timecodes: timecode-frame conversions, offset, duration and total running time calculations, frame rate converter, video disk space calculator, touch history and much more... iTC Calc 2 supports all of the standard frame rates, including 23.976 , 25, 29.97 DF & 59.94 DF. Current users of iTC Calc 1.x get a free upgrade to the new version.

iTC Calc A La Carte, the Modular Timecode Toolkit for iPhone, provides users the possibility to choose & buy the tools they really need though the build-in KPL Store. iTC Calc A La Carte replaces iTC Calc Light. Current users get a free upgrade to the new app.

iTC Calc for iPad is a native iPad version with a custom-build interface especially made for iPad.

iTC Calc Ultimate is an universal version for both iPhone & iPad with all current & future tool cards available for free.

With the iTC Calc Family, there's no reason to settle anymore for a timecode calculator when you can get so much more.

These are just some of the features offered in iTC Calc:
* Organic, creative and efficient interface
* Works natively on iPhone, iPod touch & iPad
* Supports 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 (30 DF), 30, 50, 59.96 (DF & NDF) & 60 frames rates
* Timecode/frame converter
* Vari-Speed Calculator
* Touch History
* Offset utility
* Duration utility
* TRT (total running time) calculator
* Video Disk Space
* Frame Rate Converter
* The Drawer
* Swipe Backspace
* SwitchBack button
* Auto-save
* Full support for iOS 4.x

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* Requires iOS 3.0 or later; iOS 3.2 or later for iPad

Pricing and Availability
iTC Calc 2 is only $4.99 (USD), iTC Calc A La Carte is only $1.99, iTC Calc for iPad is only $6.99 and iPad Ultimate is only $9.99 and are available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. Promo codes are available for qualified reviewers. Please specify the website or blog you represent when making your request.

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