Free Typinator text snippets with over 100,000 ZIP codes released

June 21, 2011 in Utility (E)

[] Hagenberg, Austria - Ergonis Software today is pleased to announce the immediate availability of four free snippet sets for Typinator, its highly acclaimed tool for auto-typing text system-wide across all Mac OS X applications. Three of these sets are devoted to postal codes, the fourth set contains pairs of matching parentheses and quote characters.

All in all, the three ZIP codes sets provide over 100,000 ZIP codes (postal codes) together with their city names for USA, Germany, and Ergonis' native country Austria.

While it is possible to use the ZIP codes as a shortcut to quickly type city names, they display their full strengths when used in combination with Typinator's Quick Search function. Just enter "zip" and part of the city that you are looking for. For example, type "zip cup" to find Cupertino. To actually insert the desired city name and zip code into your document, just choose it from the list.

The fourth set contains pairs of matching parentheses and quote characters. When you type one of the single opening parentheses or quote characters, Typinator automatically types the matching closing character for you and puts the insertion point between the characters. The extra sets can be downloaded free of charge and installed into Typinator with just a double-click.

"The launch of our Download Extras page with the release of these sets is just the beginning of a free snippets collection for Typinator," said Christoph Reichenberger, founder and CEO of Ergonis Software. "We will continue to provide more sets that will increase Typinator's versatility. Said that, we are inviting Typinator users all over the world to contribute: If you have developed a great set that you wish to share with the Typinator community, please let us know".

"When we designed Typinator's architecture, we had tough real-world uses in mind. As a result, Typinator can cope with large numbers of sets with an almost unlimited number of items," said Gunther Blaschek, CTO of Ergonis Software. "We cordially invite you to take advantage of Typinator's robustness and speed: Download and enjoy the free sets from our new Extras page."

Typinator is a powerful, yet elegantly simple solution that boosts your productivity by automating the process of inserting frequently used text and auto-correcting typing errors. Across all applications, it detects specific sequences of typed characters and automatically replaces them with text snippets, graphics, URLs, dates and special characters.

Availability and Ordering:
The extra sets mentioned in this release are not functional as stand-alone tools, but require a licensed version of Typinator 4.0 or newer. Typinator requires Mac OS X 10.4 or newer. Mac OS X 10.6 or newer is recommended. Typinator can be purchased securely on the Ergonis Software website. Visit Ergonis Software's website to learn more about Typinator and to download and try the free sets.

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