AutoMailer Allows Users to Send Serialized Emails

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[] Milano, Italy - Tension Software has released AutoMailer 1.0 for Mac. AutoMailer allows to users to send serialized emails to hundreds or thousands of users with a single button click, starting from data imported from text file and merging the data with a template email you can create.

AutoMailer is a workhorse useful for any company or person in need to send a large quantity of serialized emails in a fast and effective way. AutoMailer merges data from the internal database with an email template creating for any recipient a personalized and custom email, all in a simple way that doesn't requires scripting or coding.

All the settings, data and email templates can be saved inside documents and retrieved and reused at any time. AutoMailer employes a custom easy import data method to allow to import data from database, using text files, in a very intuitive way. AutoMailer offers preview of any email to prepare if needed. The user has the option to send just a selection, checked records or all the record in the imported data

Serialized sending is performed in a separate thread, and is performed at a regular time interval you can set, to avoid sending locks in case your provider doesn't allow to send more then a specified number of emails per minute or hours. AutoMailer provides a log with all the performed operations.

Using AutoMailer is absolutely easy and intuitive, you import data from a text file inside your document (including email addresses and other data you want to merge in your serialized emails) and decide in which columns to import the data using an easy to use dialog

You prepare a custom email template merging any field using a simple key syntax (a popup automatically reports all the fields you have available, allows you to insert the key to merge data in the template email without typing at all.

AutoMail will use the template to send serialized emails with the personalized data for any email pulled from the document database (populated with the data you have imported or created) You can preview any email and you can prepare or send them using various options.

A demo document is available to see AutoMailer in action before trying to create your own first document. Learning using the simple example included will make you able to use AutoMailer in less then 2 minutes. The included Help system and the embedded PDF user guide help you to use it with proficiency from the first time.

Anyone with a minimum of familiarity with the Mac can use AutoMailer to automatically send hundred or thousands of emails with a single click (as example to all your customers and any emails will be personalized with your customer name and last product purchased as example) You can use data coming from anywhere as long as you can export data from these sources in text format.

Commercial and personal uses are infinite for anyone willing to improve communication via emails for any purpose, from sending info to customers for a new product available or inform all your friends about your next party to send discount offer for your new service, all with a single click.

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.6 Snow leopard or higher
* Intel Mac

Pricing and Availability:
AutoMailer 1.0 is $20.00 (USD) and is available from the company web site and soon on the Mac App Store.

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